Dalbey Family

Steven and I were married in August of 2003.  Here is our picture on our wedding day!  
 We had a few years to enjoy being married without children.  Here we are at a friends wedding in the summer of 2004 at Forest Park.  
   Here we are at Thanksgiving in 2004.  
We took trips skiing in Colorado with the Youth Group in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010.    
               We even took a moment for ourselves on our anniversary in 2005 and went to Mexico.
Here we are in 2007 in Salzberg, Austria.  
Our son, Preston, was born in August 2008 
Here is the big boy September 2011
Here we are as the Dalbey Trio in early March 2011
Our daughter, Peyton, was born in March 2011.
Here is the little girl Fall 2011
Family picture Spring 2012 :) 
 Family Pictures Fall 2012