Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Preston the Big Brother

I just wanted to say that I think Preston is an excellent big brother.  Not only does he have the natural ability to make his sister (and everyone) laugh, but he is very protective and aware of what his sister is doing at almost all hours of the day.  Sure, sometimes he is watching her to make sure she doesn't play with his trains but overall he is a wonderful brother.  Oh yes, he is a wonderful son as well.  I love Preston's creativity, enthusiasm and energy.  We are thankful for his life every day. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Secret Santa Update

I just wanted to let all our readers know that our secret santa finished their 12 days of Christmas gifts to our family. Each day was such a surprise and great blessing.  One day, I think it was day 8, even came in the middle of afternoon.  While my kids were watching tv and I was moving around the house cleaning.  This Secret Santa is a pro!!   While I cannot reveal the name of our Secret Santa I do want to let everyone know that we felt so loved by these gifts.  This family/person/couple is a great blessing to our family and we love you very much!  So, enjoy the rest of the secret Santa poems and consider making someone feel special next year. I know we will!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Ballet

Ok, I know I have been posting a lot about Peyton lately.  I'm not sorry.  I do, however, have plans to post about Preston tomorrow and some of his recent adventures.  Here is a post about my recent trip with Peyton to the Ballet.  Yes, I took Peyton to see the Nutcracker ballet and it was awesome!!!  I wanted to start this annual tradition for three reasons.  First, Peyton is showing interest in the Ballet and I am very eager to encourage her love of dance and the arts.  Second, the Nutcracker ballet is awesome and who wouldn't want to go and see this great show.  Finally, seeing the Nutcracker was a tradition in my home as a little girl and I wanted to pass along this wonderful memory to my little girl.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure.  First, we have Peyton and me before the show.  She is SO excited!
We met up with some friends beforehand for some frozen yogurt and then some cute pictures.  
Peyton insister in wearing her ballerina outfit under her dress.  She then wanted to wear this outfit for the second half of the show.  So many people commented on how cute she looked. I agree.  Oh yes, I am wearing my grandma's fur coat.  I think I rocked it!!!  
Here is a sweet group shot.  We had such a fun time!!  
I think we are all excited for next year!  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A little red dress

Not only is this a very cute red dress but it was my little red dress that I wore when I was a little girl.  Yes, my parents were kind enough to save this little gem all these years and now my own little girl is able to wear the dress.  I hope someday she will have a little girl and be able to wear the same dress.  I wish I could show you a picture of me in this dress…I'll have to ask my dad for the picture.  It was such a joy to see Peyton in this dress today.  She is just so cute!  

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Dalbey Family 
We are having a wonderful Christmas celebration this year.  I promise to post more details in the next few days so stay tuned.  I will leave you with the lyrics to my favorite Christmas hymn. I find such hope and comfort in these words this time and every time of the year.  

Joy to the world! The Lord has come
Let earth receive her King!
Let every heart prepare Him room
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven, and heaven and nature sing

Joy to the world! the Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat the sound in joy

No more let sin and sorrow grow
Nor thorns infest the ground
He comes to make
His blessings flow
Far as the curse is found
Far as the curse is found
Far as, far as the curse is found

He rules the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness
And wonders of his love
And wonders of his love
And wonders and wonders of his love

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed has made its way to the Dalbey house.   I saw the need for this when I was completely out of room for anything in the kids room.  Preston was sleeping in a full size bed and it was just too big.  So, the kids now have a bunk bed and we have so much more room in their room. Oh yes, I also discovered that there is SO much under bed storage space. I'm sure I will have to find some cool bins for the kids to hold their socks and other random items.  Here is just a preview of what their room now looks like.  I promise to post updated photos as soon as we pick up the other twin size mattress and re arrange all the frames and toys.  I guess you could say its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house. 
Here is a picture of the bunk bed being put together.  While it wasn't that difficult it did take a few hours. 
 Here is a preview picture of the completed bunk bed.  More pictures to come soon :) 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Staff/Volunteer Christmas Party

Its important for me to stop and take a moment to document this picture.  This is a quick shot of the Staff & Volunteer Christmas Party for the Student Ministry Team at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church.  Now, I am a simple volunteer in the ministry but feel so much like I am part of the best team in the entire world.  This team has talent, this team has humility, this team has creativity and so much more.  It is such a blessing to volunteer alongside such awesome people whom I trust and call my friends.  Lets just say there is a whole lot of love in that room.  Merry Christmas!!  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We had a few inches of snow last week.  Nothing too severe but it sure did make everything look pretty!  Here are a couple photos I took of me and Peyton in the snow.  She sure does love her new pink coat from Grammie!  

Secret Santa

How do I get so behind on my blogging….oh well.  Its time, once again, to catch everyone up on the daily events of the Dalbey Family.  Let me begin by sharing that we have a Secret Santa this year.  We are now on day 5 of our big adventure and the gifts keep coming.  They seem to appear each night between 4 and 8pm but nothing regular to report.  Sometimes they knock or ring the doorbell.  Sometimes they are silent.  Tonight they banged on the door and gave me quite a fright.  Overall, I love the gifts (candy), I love the poems and I love that my kids are super excited.  I love surprises but I am trying my hardest to figure out who is the mystery giver.  Yes, I have a short list in my head.  Lets see if I'm right :)  Here are some pictures from the first 5 days.  Oh yes, how did my Secret Santa know that I love the 12 days of Christmas…?  I'll keep you posted.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

One more post about Thanksgiving

So, while I'm in the mood and have the time I am going to post one more set of pictures from our Thanksgiving Weekend.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside for a nice walk both days and the kids loved it!  
Here is the view of the lake near my dad's house.  I have such wonderful memories of hanging out back here.  I am so glad it is still just as beautiful!! 
 Finally, I don't think any kid doesn't enjoy jumping in a big pile of leaves.  Grandad was willing to provide the leaf pile this year!!  
I hope you also had an enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving!  

Thanksgiving Decor

Ok, I know Thanksgiving is over and everyone has moved on to Christmas but I couldn't help but share a quick post about my cute Thanksgiving decor.  I love Thanksgiving and I love the sweet decorations that my children add to our home.  
First, I have my favorite fall decor item: My Pottery Barn leaf plates.  I 'splurged' on this item about 9 years ago and I am SO glad I did.  They make their appearance every year and bring a big smile to my face when I see them on my dining room table.  Next we have my cute little turkey basket I picked up this year.  I need to add more stuff like this to my fall decor.  
 Here are three wonderful additions to my home compliments of my two children.  First, we have Peyton's turkey made out of her hands.  Next we have Preston's turkey that he made out of seashells.  Very creative! Finally, Peyton's sweet coloring and list of things she is thankful for.  I love these items and plan on saving them, well, forever!!  
Now, I can't wait to share our Xmas decorations with you all!  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peyton the Ballerina

Peyton had become VERY interested in dance and ballet the past few weeks.  She enjoys dancing with mommy (and my limited ballet skills), watching Angelina Ballerina and reading books about Ballet.  I think we need to head over to our local Library to find some more.  I even told my dad that she wanted some ballet items for xmas so lets just see what happens.  I happily encourage dance in Peyton since I am a dancer myself.  I am more talented in the jazz/hip hop area but still, this is awesome.  Oh yes, I purchased tickets to see the Nutcracker Ballet here in St. Louis over the Christmas break. I am really excited to take my little girl.  This cute ballet outfit was just given to us by a friend and Peyton has requested to wear it - non stop.  So cute.  
Um, did anyone notice the CURLY hair Peyton has going on. I think I need to consult Aunt Elizabeth on how to style this beautiful hair.  
Here is my girl working  on her moves. I am so proud!  I will keep documenting her work in the months and years ahead.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Update on Peyton

I thought it would be a good time to update our family and friends on our little Peyton girl. She is now 2 years and 8 months old.  She is a sweet, loving, sensitive and a lovely little girl.  Her favorite activities include playing with her brother, taking care of her baby dolls, working on puzzles and cuddling with Mommy and Daddy.  She still has bright blue eyes and white blond hair.  She also loves spending time with her friends and has recently told me that she wants to be a ballerina when she is bigger.  So sweet. I love getting to know my little girl more each day and I am so thankful for her tender heart.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving!  Its my favorite holiday because it's an opportunity to take time to rest and reflect. This year I did a lot of both.  I am thankful for the extra days to rest with my family and friends.  I am also thankful for the extra amount of rest/sleep I could get.  I am also thankful for the time I took with myself, my family and my friends to reflect on how many blessings there are in my life. I would love to share some with you. 

-I am thankful for my loving husband.  He is a man with compassion and humility.
-I am thankful for my two children.  They are a great joy and it is an honor to be their parents.
-I am thankful for Steven's new job that has provided our family with a bit more financial security.  -2012 and the first half of 2013 were really hard.  I'm thankful that the going to the grocery store isn't a painful experience anymore because I am able to buy healthy food for my family.
-I am thankful for our house.  Despite things that need repair or my desire to have more space…its our home and we have so many wonderful memories.
-I am thankful for a loving family.  I'm thankful that we can spend time together often.
-I am thankful for a growing photography business.  2013 has been amazing!
-I am thankful for a wonderful dad that despite difficult circumstances has remained faithful and generous.
-I am thankful my mom is in Heaven with Jesus.
-I am thankful for wonderful friends.  While some are still in St. Louis and others are far away I feel a powerful network of love and care.

I think this is a good list :)  Sure, there are many other things I am thankful for but these are most likely my top items.

Ok, on to the actual Thanksgiving holiday.  We spent time over at Steven's parents house on Thanksgiving this year. It was a blast.  Here are a few pictures.

On the left is an awesome Sweet Potato Recipe.  On the right is Steven's famous apple pie. 
 After our Thanksgiving meal we headed outside for a walk. Here is a rare picture of Steven and me.  
My father in law took the kids out for a ride on the tree swing.  It was fun to watch them have a blast!