Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Secret Santa

How do I get so behind on my blogging….oh well.  Its time, once again, to catch everyone up on the daily events of the Dalbey Family.  Let me begin by sharing that we have a Secret Santa this year.  We are now on day 5 of our big adventure and the gifts keep coming.  They seem to appear each night between 4 and 8pm but nothing regular to report.  Sometimes they knock or ring the doorbell.  Sometimes they are silent.  Tonight they banged on the door and gave me quite a fright.  Overall, I love the gifts (candy), I love the poems and I love that my kids are super excited.  I love surprises but I am trying my hardest to figure out who is the mystery giver.  Yes, I have a short list in my head.  Lets see if I'm right :)  Here are some pictures from the first 5 days.  Oh yes, how did my Secret Santa know that I love the 12 days of Christmas…?  I'll keep you posted.  

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