Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preston Photos

A few updates

There are a couple things I would like to update our readers on. I am pleased to announce that the bathroom renovation project is complete...well, about 98% complete. All that is left to do is paint the trim behind the toilet and grout the tile around the toilet (minor details). Here is a look at our bathroom. First we have a look at the shower tile and handy double towel hanger. Oh yes, the light switch is new.
Second, we have a pictures of the new vanity, trim and bead board. I painted the room (walls and ceiling) back in May before I was pregnant.
Third we have a picture of the closet door. This door was in the basement when we moved in our house 5 years ago. It needed some major sanding and painting. Thank you Steven for installing the door.
I should probably take a picture of our lovely sink area, but I simply forgot. Maybe another time. Oh yes, did I mention this is our only bathroom? Did I also mention that when we moved in the tile was green and had been painted white? What were people thinking. There was also no door on the closet and the sink was so small it barely held a bar of soap. I am SO glad the bathroom is updated.
Another update is that Preston LOVES to color. Grossi gave Preston a super cool mat with washable markers for him to color again and again. Preston enjoys this project. Thank you, Grossi.
That is all for now. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

7 Year

Today is our 7 year Anniversary. It has been a wonderful 7 years filled with many adventures. We have traveled to 9 countries and over 25 states together, participated in multiple mission trips, survived 7 years in middle school ministry, lived in a condo, bought a home, had multiple pets, cars, motorcycles, and scooters. We have made decisions that have been wonderful blessings to ourselves and others, and decisions that have caused us to have to learn lessons the hard way. We have learned and continue to learn what it means to love another sinner who will never graduate from needing Christ. What a wonderful blessing it has been to be married to such a wonderful woman and I would not trade her for the world. I love you Katrina, more now than ever! Happy Anniversary #7, and I pray for many more!

Here is us on our Wedding Day - August 30, 2003
Here is us tonight after our dinner date. Thank you Tina and Nathan for watching Preston.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preston Shoe

I went to the mall yesterday with some students and you will not believe what I found. I saw a shoe that I thought Preston would like and that would look cute on him. Personally I don't like big, thick, chucky shoes for boys. I much prefer simple, canvas, converse type shoes for boys. I saw this shoe:
This picture was taken with my phone so please excuse the poor coloring. I like this simple blue shoes. I then turn the shoe over:
Yes, this shoe is made by Stride Rite and the Style is PRESTON. I guess this shoe was either made for my son, Preston or named after him :) I only know 2 other people named Preston. First was my Grandpa and the person my son is named after. Second was a student in our Youth Group about 3 years ago. What are the chances? Oh well, I think it is super cool. Here is a picture of the shoe from the Stride Rite Website.
I would like to purchase this shoe for Preston simply becuase I like the show and the name. I would, however, like to find a better price as I don't think I am willing to pay $40 for a shoe that my son might grow out of in a few months. I will keep you all udpated.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Status Symbol

CHECK THIS OUT! This car was driving down Hanley Road this afternoon - AWESOME!

Monday, August 23, 2010


So, it has been a few days since my last post. Some of you may be wondering where I am and if I am OK. Well, I am here and I am OK. I have had a busy weekend and will try to update in this post. The other thing going on is that I am having a very difficult time with a situation in my life right now. No, I can't really talk about it on this blog as the situation is very sensitive. I can, however, talk about my feelings and perhaps some of you can relate. I feel left out. I have spent a lot of time investing in a specific situation and now I just feel left out and now have no say in anything that takes place. That just sucks. I feel sad. Some things with this specific situation are changing and that honestly scares me. I don't like what may change and am afriad that some people will be hurt in the process. I feel lost. I like knowing where I am going and what I am doing. Lately, I feel like everything is up in the air and I have no clue what direction to go. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes? I hope this situation doesn't last much longer. I don't know how much more I can handle. I am thankful for close friends who have been my support during the past few months. I am going to need them in the months ahead. So, if you pray would you please pray for me. If you don't, please think of me and hope that I can work through and make it to whatever lies ahead.

Oh yes, my busy weekend. I spent some time last Friday taking pictures of Grace & Hunter who just got engaged. To view some of the photos please check out http://www.allthingssimplephotography.blogspot.com/ . This photo shoot was super fun as I was hiding, literally, in the bushes and behind cement walls to capture the surprise event. Here is a picture of me with the happy couple and a friend.

On Saturday I spent a lot of time sleeping. Pregnancy makes me super sleepy! Yes, I was busy because I was hard at work letting my body grow a baby! On Sunday I hung out with a student at 9am, went to Church at 10am, went to a baby shower at 2pm, went to hang out with more students at 4pm and finally got home at 6pm to eat dinner, give Preston a bath, put him to bed and then go to bed myself. Wow - what a weekend. I hope to have more photos of our life soon :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Our sweet cat, Aslan, still needs a new home. We found a home for our other cat, Jackson, and would like to find another good home for Aslan vs. take him to the humane society. Ifyou are interested in meeting Aslan or taking him home, please email me at Showkat8@gmail.com Aslan loves to cuddle, is sweet and very good with children. He is up to date on all his shots and he comes with food, and other cat supplies. We love you Aslan, we just can't keep you anymore with baby #2 on the way.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Photos from Vacation

The Dalbey Trio had a wonderful visit to Florida and are now home. Here are few more photos from our time with the Kincaid family and with Great Grandma.

Here are a couple cute pics of the cousins.
While we were with Great Grandma in St. Petersburg, Preston was very creative. Here he is with a arm chair cover on his head.
Here is Preston playing with the 'babies'.
Here is Preston and daddy cleaning up after a fun day at the beach.
Here is Mommy and Daddy out to lunch at the 'Hurricane'.
Preston and daddy in the ocean. Preston wanted to crash into the waves again and again.
Mommy and Great Grandma. While we were in Florida, we just called her Grandma.
The Dalbey Trio. You just gotta love Preston's face.
This is the view from Grandma's condo. It is beautiful.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Beach

The Dalbey Trio and Kincaid Family went to the Beach this morning for a little while. Unfortunately, we had to leave after 45 minutes due to rain but we had a great time while it lasted. As you can see from the photos we played in the sand, water and with some sand toys.

Monday, August 9, 2010


The Dalbey Trio is currently in Florida visiting Aunt Kristen, Uncle John and Cousins Natalie and Jack. We are having a very nice time and the kids are really enjoying playing with one another. We will be here through Wednesday and then head to St. Petersburg on Thursday to visit Great Grandma Koslow. Here are a few photos from our visit here with everyone.

Here are the kids helping Aunt Kristen let out the air in the mattrice.

Preston and Jack eating lunch.

Daddy and Preston hanging out on the coach before bedtime.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dalbey Trio...well...

It is time to announce that the Dalbey Trio is officially becomming a Dalbey Quartet. Yes, we are expecting our second baby - due in March of 2011. To be honest, I was shocked when I took the home pregnancy and it was positive. As you can see from the photos I took a second test 2 days later to confirm. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited and cannot wait to meet our little one early next year.

Here are a couple photos from our visit to the Dr. yesterday. The baby is measuring on target and has a very strong heart beat. It was amazing to see this tiny, 11mm child, with a strong beating heart. We pray this child will continue to grow and be healthy and that I will be healthy. We will certainly keep you updated on this excited news in the weeks/months ahead.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Preston's Birthday

Preston turned two years old yesterday! Where does the time go? To celebrate, we invited family and a few friends over to our house for dinner, cake, play time and social time. The party was a success and the Birthday boy was super excited. We had a "Thomas the Tank Engine" theme for the party. Each room in the house was a different station or part of the Thomas Adventures on the Island of Soder. We even had Thomas greet Preston at the door (thank you Carolyn for the awesome sign).

Here is Preston playing with a few of his friends. The table is filled with home made Thomas and friends coloring pages. This was a big hit with the kids.

Here is the Birthday cake complete with Thomas hard at work on the track.

Here is Preston eating cake and ice cream with his friends, Eli and Micah.

These are our dear friends, Drew and Lindsey. They came over to the Dalbey house early to help clean - thank you so much!

Here is the Dalbey Trio with Grandad Denton.

Here is Preston upstairs playing trains with his friends. This is where he spent a lot of his time at the party!

Here is Preston opening a few of his gifts. As you can see, he had many 'helpers'. A big thank you goes out to everyone who gave Preston something special for his Birthday.

What does the Birthday boy do on his Birthday - he plays with Trains!

I also want to say Thank you to Grammie and Papa Dalbey for watching Preston yesterday afternoon so that we could prepare for the party. I am so sad we didn't get a picture with you at the party. We need to take a photo with you very soon. I also want to say thank you to the Duke family for bringing coolers with ice and to Carolyn for helping clean. I am so thankful for such loving family and friends.

Oh yes, Preston update: He is now 3 ft tall, loves to play with trains and/or trucks and is working on being potty trained. I will have to write about that later. I am excited for another year with our sweet boy.