Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend photo update

I don't have a lot of time today so here is a weekend photo update.  Enjoy. 
First, me and the kids with our silly smile.  Classic. 
Peyton's hair is long enough to pull up in a ponytail!  Now, I just need to encourage her to let me keep it in a ponytail. 
Saturday afternoon pool play time with a friend. 
No Sunday morning would be complete without donuts and singing in church with Papa. 
Finally, Preston's self portrait.  Again, classic! 

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Friday, July 27, 2012

It's the little things

On Friday, at the end of a long week, it is important to note the little things in life that really are important.  Here are a few from my week that I would like to share. 
First, my daughter's smile.  I think she is working on a few new teeth. 
Second, a new backpack for Preston.  He will start preschool this fall. 
Third, playdoh time.  Thank goodness for an extra high chair in the basement. 
Fourth, good nap times for both kids this week. 
Fifth, some needed rain.  We didn't get any rain but I know the people south of us are very happy. 
Six, this couch was given to us years ago.  It doesn't have the coolest pattern to it but I found an old slip cover that fit just nicely.  We now have a fun couch in the baseement.  Oh yes, did I tell you that I cleaned the basement?  I'll post something next week about that.  I am still in the midst of decorating/organizing. 
Seven, a visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden. 
Finally, I was going through some old cards and found a $50 bill in a birthday card...from 2011.  So, I decided to get something I needed.  I needed a new sheet set for our bed.  Thank you, Target, for the lovely deal and some extra cash to buy Preston a new train. 
Ahh, its the little things. 

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Thursday, July 26, 2012


What happens when your children bring home art from school for 4 years? It ends up in a pile on your couch. Ok, it's only on the couch because I cleared it off the play table. Here is the clean table.
Here is the mess...I am trying to clean it up now.
I am working on organizing these pieces of art.  I will keep some.  Others I will scan at work and compile in some sort of photo album...then they will make an appearance in the trash.  Yes, I don't really want to throw some of the kids art away but I just can't keep it all. Plus, Peyton will start bringing home her own pieces of art and then it would all just be a mess.   I hope to have the couch cleared for visitors to use very soon. 
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The garden

Yesterday was a FREE day at the Missouri Botanical Garden to celebrate the anniversary of Henry Shaw's Birthday.  When I hear the word FREE and the Botanical Garden in the same sentence I don't care how hot it is outside - we are going!  Don't worry, I took the kids at 9am and only stayed for an hour.  It was about 90 degrees when I left the Garden and we went straight to the Smoothie store for a nice cool beverage.  This heat is a huge bummer but still enjoyed our trip the Garden.  Here are a few pictures.  First, the sign out front to advertise abou the Lantern Festival.  Super cool.  I need to head back at night. 
Preston really liked the huge dragon! 
This is just a cool spot near the Japanese Garden.  I like the view!  
No trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden would be complete without stopping to sit on the sheep/ram.  Preston can now ride the big ram.  So sweet.  
Peyton still loved the babies.  
Both kids on for a ride.  
We also took a trip inside the Children's Garden to play.  Here, Preston had the opportunity to plant some lettuce.  He takes his gardening job very seriously.  
He also took the time to help water the plants.  Such a good helper. 
Finally, a nice view of the rose Garden before we left.  So beautiful.  

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Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Friday and I...

It's Friday and I... super glad that the weekend is almost here. very tired from a long week.  I've been co-teaching a dance clinic this week and my body is sore.  I'm not as young as I used to be. glad my husband has a couple days off work to be home.  He works such long hours (7am - 10pm) and is doing his best to provide and care for our family. 

...I'm thankful for the amazing toy trains my son has and his deep love to play with them and create stories about their many adventures. 
...I really like all the fresh produce summer provides.  My favorite are strawberries and peaches. 
...I would really like to finish some home projects this weekend.  Yes, thats right.  The basement is looking so much better and those weeds in our front yard are going to be GONE by Sunday morning.  

...I am looking forward to my photo shoot with Rebecca tomorrow morning :)

I am looking forward to our family time this weekend and sharing all the pictures from whatever adventure we may have.  Oh yes, thank you to all who have been praying for us and Steven's process toward licensure.  We received a letter from the State of Missouri saying that they have received Steven's application.  Please pray that everything is complete and a license will arrive in the mail very soon. 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pictures from the past week

It's been a busy week in the Dalbey family. Steven has been working a lot of extra hours at St. Louis Smoothie because his boss is out of town.  If you haven't visited Steve at St. Louis Smoothie you are not only missing out on some good cool beverages (my new favorite is the Mango Madness) but you just miss out seeing Steve managing a store like a pro.  For real - he is good.  Anyway, here is a series of pictures from the past week.  First, a picture of some freshly picked sweet corn from our neighbors. 
Second, a sad picture to show you.  Another drawer broke in our kitchen. We now have 2 drawers ... Not fun. I wish we could just update our kitchen...maybe someday. 
I tried to redeem the kitchen by cleaning the stove and using a pitcher to hold the items that were in the broken drawer. Ths part of the kitchen is nice. 
Over the weekend I made Preston's birthday invitation. Thank you, Pinterest and TheIdeaRoom for your inspiration.  I am so excited to celebrate Preston's 4th Birthday in just a few weeks. 
To my delight, Preston has developed a love for photography.  Yes, you read my words correctly.  Preston loves to take my Iphone or canon Powershot camera and take pictures.  I encourage this even if it means I find random pictures like this on my phone. 
Yesterday afternoon we took a short break to watch Muzzy.  This is a BBC language learning program for children.  We have the VHS tapes as they were given to us by Great Grandma Dalbey (Grossi).  The kids LOVE it. I hope it translates into some German speaking children.  Now, I do not speak German. I barely speak Spanish.  Steven, however, is almost fluent in German and would love to take the kids on an extended trip to Germany some day.  I can just see it now.  My little blond hair/blue eyed children from the USA walking around speaking in German.  It would be awesome. 
We had a visit from Great Grandma the past 2 weeks.  She has been so good to come over and visit with us, bring us dinner and even let us come out to her hotel and go swimming.  We have reallly enjoyed her visit. 
Grandma loved watching the kids play/  
Finally, a cute picture of Steven giving the kids a bath yesterday evening. So sweet and so much fun. 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The City Garden

One of the new treasures to the St. Louis area is the City Garden.  It was built in 2007 and has added so much to our downtown area with green space, art, etc... You can find out more information by going to this website.  One of the best perks of this park is the fountains.  I like to call it a water playground.  With the 'cooler' temperatures in St. Louis this week,  I packed up the kids yesterday morning and we headed out to have some fun.  I think you can tell from the pictures that the morning was a success.  Oh yes, Preston is wearing his PJ's.  I thought I packed his swimsuit in my bag...clearly it was not in there.  Oh well.  He still had a blast. 
One of the fountains wasn't working correctly but it made for a happy little Peyton. 
 It was just her size. 
Preston just loved running all around and making big splashes. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Preston learns to swim.

Yesterday was a big day in the Dalbey family.  Preston learned how to swim.  Ok, I wouldn't say that he is completely safe on his own, but he swam accross the pool with some floaties on his arms.  He also dove off the diving board and went down the slide all. by. himself.  I am shocked and excited.  My son is still 3.  Can this be happening?  Yes, it is.  Here is the little man jumping off the diving board.  What a courageous guy. 
 Here is one happy girl.  Peyton loves the pool. 
Here is Preston going off the diving board - again. 
He is so proud of himself.  
Little Peyton again just lovin the pool. 
Thank you, Pagliaro family, for inviting us out to swim, play and be be together.  We love you! 

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!  Here is a quick summary of the Dalbey family adventures for this years holiday.  First, a generous friend game us some very good seats for the Cardinals Baseball game yesterday evening.  While it was hot, we had a great time at the game and watched the Cardinals WIN!  Its always better when your team wins!  Here was my attempt to get a picture of the kids with their Cardinala hats ... this was the best I could do.  I think Preston is saying "mom, I am way too cool for this picture thing" and Peyton is more interested in wrestling with my hair tie.  Oh well. 
Here is a picture of mommy and Peyton at the game. Super sweet.   
 Both Peyton and Preston LOVED the cotton candy. Who doesn't like Cotton Candy!?  Oh yes, just want to send a shout out to the Johnson family because they gave Peyton this super cute dress.  We usually spend our 4th of July Holiday with them and missed them and others a lot.  We hope to see you again soon. 
 Here is our family photo before the game.  I wish you could see us a little better but at least we are all looking at the camera :)   
 This was Preston for most of the game  - not so interested.  He thought the game was too loud. We tried to explain that people cheernig is a good thing.  I think he was tired.  Oh yes, this Cardinal Jersey is another gift item from the Johnson family.   
Overall, we had a great time at the game. I did make 3 trips to the cooling station and missed a good chunk of the game but such is the duty of a mommy with young kids.  I didn't really mind. I needed to cool off as well.  Finally, fireworks display from Busch Stadium after the game.  It was great!!