Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pictures from the past week

It's been a busy week in the Dalbey family. Steven has been working a lot of extra hours at St. Louis Smoothie because his boss is out of town.  If you haven't visited Steve at St. Louis Smoothie you are not only missing out on some good cool beverages (my new favorite is the Mango Madness) but you just miss out seeing Steve managing a store like a pro.  For real - he is good.  Anyway, here is a series of pictures from the past week.  First, a picture of some freshly picked sweet corn from our neighbors. 
Second, a sad picture to show you.  Another drawer broke in our kitchen. We now have 2 drawers ... Not fun. I wish we could just update our kitchen...maybe someday. 
I tried to redeem the kitchen by cleaning the stove and using a pitcher to hold the items that were in the broken drawer. Ths part of the kitchen is nice. 
Over the weekend I made Preston's birthday invitation. Thank you, Pinterest and TheIdeaRoom for your inspiration.  I am so excited to celebrate Preston's 4th Birthday in just a few weeks. 
To my delight, Preston has developed a love for photography.  Yes, you read my words correctly.  Preston loves to take my Iphone or canon Powershot camera and take pictures.  I encourage this even if it means I find random pictures like this on my phone. 
Yesterday afternoon we took a short break to watch Muzzy.  This is a BBC language learning program for children.  We have the VHS tapes as they were given to us by Great Grandma Dalbey (Grossi).  The kids LOVE it. I hope it translates into some German speaking children.  Now, I do not speak German. I barely speak Spanish.  Steven, however, is almost fluent in German and would love to take the kids on an extended trip to Germany some day.  I can just see it now.  My little blond hair/blue eyed children from the USA walking around speaking in German.  It would be awesome. 
We had a visit from Great Grandma the past 2 weeks.  She has been so good to come over and visit with us, bring us dinner and even let us come out to her hotel and go swimming.  We have reallly enjoyed her visit. 
Grandma loved watching the kids play/  
Finally, a cute picture of Steven giving the kids a bath yesterday evening. So sweet and so much fun. 

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