Friday, March 29, 2013

This week

This is week has been a full but good week.  It started off with a nice lunch at Crown Candy with my dad.  The thing about Crown Candy is that its all about timing.  If you arrive at the peak of lunch you will wait an hour for a table.  If you go early or on a day where the weather is yucky you will walk right it and sit right down.  My dad and I took advantage of the snowy weather on Monday and were able to sit right down and order our food.  Oh yes, their ice cream is super yummy!
If I am being honest then I will say that this week has mostly been about Peyton.  First, she notice the Morning Dove birds were out of their nest and exploring their new world.  Here they are on our front porch. Peyton called them 'her birdies'.
Second, the kids requested Chick Fil A for lunch yesterday.  Since Peyton had just been at the Doctor for her 2 year check up AND received a shot I was happy to oblige.  I can't remember the last time we went to Chick Fil A...might have been a year ago. The kids LOVED playing in the playground area.
Oh yes, Peyton and her 2 year check up.  She is up to 25 pounds (40th percentile) and 35 inches long (80th percentile).  She is happy and healthy.  Here is the young lady cuddling with mommy on the couch the other day.
The main reason why its been mostly about Peyton this week is because of her sleep issues.  Ok, I shouldn't really call them issues.  Its just that she has been having a hard time adjusting to her toddler bed.  I set to work this week to help her fall asleep in her bed and stay in her bed all night long.  Thankfully, Peyton has had 2 straight nights of good sleep.  We are going to continue to work on this so to avoid any unhealthy habits.  Now, if we could only work on nap time.  She will not nap in her bed.  She will nap in the car or mommy and daddy's bed...minor issues.
Oh yes, the snow is almost completely gone in St. Louis.  Here is what is left of our snow fort.
I think the kids were missing the snow and started to go 'sledding' in our front yard.  They didn't get very far but it sure looked cute.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snow

Spring has NOT arrived in St. Louis.  I think it is safe to say that Winter is still taking full advantage and decided to bring a foot of snow our way yesterday afternoon.  While I long for spring, flowers, short sleeve shirts and flip flops I am trying to enjoy each moment with our kids this year even with the snow and cold temperatures.  Here is a view of the field at Church yesterday morning.  It was just lovely.  
Here we have Preston all bundled up and ready to go.  He brought along his excavator to help shovel the snow.
Preston and Peyton also helped to make our own Frosty the Snowman.  Peyton was the only one who was willing to smile for the camera.  Both kids were so proud of their snowman.
Here is a picture of Preston...working on digging us out of the snow as usual.  
We also took to sledding in our front yard which was a blast.  Peyton was so cute every she slid down our little hill.  I think I need to take them both to Art Hill next year.  
Steven also pulled out our snow blower and set to work on our driveway and sidewalk.  He also cleared our neighbors driveway and sidewalk.  Our neighbor even gave him $8, a beer and a toy for our kids.  He was very kind.
Here is a picture of my handsome husband hard at work.  A friend, Nathan, also came over with his daughter to hang out and play in the snow.  The boys even headed out and earned some extra money shoveling snow.  Great job, guys!
Oh yes, I cannot forget to share about our fabulous snow fort.  I must admit that I was more interested in the snow then the kids.  I guess this brings me back to my childhood and those fun snow days playing outside.
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Lets Go Fly A Kite

While shopping at Aldi last week I noticed some kites for sale. Preston saw them and immediately asked if we could get one.  Being the loving mother that I am I said yes.  Now, the weather in St. Louis has not exactly been warm.  It feels more like winter than spring.  The cold weather, however, did not intimidate my eager and adventurous children.  On Tuesday we headed out to Forest Park to fly our Kite.  Look at these two, they are adorable.
They were loving the fountains and bridges along the Grand Basin at Forest Park.
We were successful in getting our kite to fly that morning.
While it was still very chilly outside Preston still took to running with the kite all the way back to our car.  Notice the kite is still flying.
Still flying.
We did have to load up and head home to warm up.  Thankfully, we had more fun flying our kite in front of our house later that afternoon.  This picture simply shows how Preston was worn out from a fun afternoon.  He can't wait to fly the kite again.  I can't wait for the temperature to be above 50 degrees.
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Peyton turns 2

Peyton turned 2 yesterday.  While our weekend was full of Dalbey wedding excitement we were still able to celebrate our little girl and her 2 wonderful years of life in our family.   Here are a few photos from our day and some special notes about our little girl.

*Peyton still loves playing with her babies and other toys.  
She makes up stories and even invites her big brother to play with her.  
*Peyton is now speaking very well.  She forms complete sentences and is more clear each day.  
*Peyton now sleeps in a toddler bed (see photos below).  
*Peyton is average height and weight.  Updated stats to come soon.  
*Peyton's hair is still super blond and growing in nicely. 
I am able to put more bows and clips in her hair each day.  
*Peyton loves puzzles and blocks.  She can put together all the matching puzzles on our shelf and has started putting together 6-8 piece puzzles.  She also loves blocks and making towers.  
*Peyton is a nurturer.  She is kind and gentle.  I often hear people tell me that Peyton is very sensitive to the needs of others, especially when other people are upset.  

The first gift to Peyton on her birthday was an addition to her doll house.  It is a little dance studio.  Here is Peyton helping her doll learn some new ballet moves.
Oh yes, did you notice the outfit?  Peyton celebrated her birthday with full shamrock green gear.  The weather did not cooperate for my planned photo shoot so we will try again when the temperature warms up. Here is daddy and Peyton working on the doll house studio.
Another big event from our day was converting Peyton's crib to a 'big girl bed'.  She was so excited!  Note: do not worry about the lack of gate/rail in this photo.  We purchased one and installed it last night before bed.  This photo was taken in the afternoon.
For Peyton's Birthday dinner we went out to meet Grammie, Papa and and the cousins at Noodles.  It was a wonderful time to celebrate our little girl and eat some yummy food.  Peyton even wore her shamrock crown for a few minutes.
And no birthday would be complete without more gifts.  Grammie and Papa gave Peyton a stuffed mallard duck (since she loves to feed the ducks at our favorite park) and the most adorable Cardinal Hat. We can't wait for baseball season to start.
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Family Wedding

Saturday was a special day for the Dalbey family.  Steven's brother, Uncle Eric, and his bride, Aunt Elizabeth, were married.  We had been looking forward to this day for a long time and were so excited to celebrate their wedding and welcome Elizabeth to the family.  Preston and Peyton were so excited.  Here are the few pictures I took from the big day.  It was very cold outside and therefore did not take as many photos as I would have liked.  I didn't even get a picture of the 4 of us (Steven, Katrina, Preston and Peyton).  Oh well.  At least I took a photo of my kids :)  Preston was the ring bearer and he got all dressed up in a tux.  He is so handsome.
Peyton loves being with daddy.  She is the sweetest little girl.  Daddy/Steven was also in the wedding as the best man.  What a stud!
Here is a pic I captured with my phone.  Everyone looks beautiful.
The flowers were also beautiful.
Here is Preston and our niece, Natalie, walking down the aisle.  Despite Preston having SO MUCH energy and excitement before the ceremony began he did a GREAT job.
Finally, the lovely couple. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dalbey :) We are so excited you will be living a few minutes away.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Well, Saturday was nice

Saturday was a beautiful day here in St. Louis.  It started off rainy and cold but quickly warmed up to a lovely spring like day.  After Peyton's Birthday party (blog post to come soon) we headed home from Granddad's house and Peyton was so excited to wear her new chef's at and apron.  Here is the sweet girl right after we buckled her in her seat belt.  She is just so sweet.
And then she fell asleep 5 minutes into the drive.  The party girl was worn out.
Upon our arrival at home I changed into my ran boots and shorts and headed outside to the backyard.  Yes, our backyard is a MESS.  Steven installed a patio last fall and the pile of dirt is still in our driveway.  I can't wait to get that stuff cleaned up.
Thankfully, Preston doesn't seem to mind the mess.  The boy just wanted to play with the water.  I can't wait till its nice and warm outside, the kiddie pool is full of water and the dirt is cleaned up.
Peyton also woke up from her car nap and joined us in the backyard for some swing set fun.  
Preston loves the swing as well.  
Today, it is rainy and cold again in St. Louis.  I can't wait for warm weather to STAY.  I could use some more Vitamin D.  I plan on spending most of my extra time out in the backyard with the kids this spring.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring is almost here

Spring is almost here in St. Louis and the Dalbey family can't wait for its arrival.  It has already begun to show signs that it want's to make an appearance.  Notice my tulips springing forth from the earth - super exciting.
We also headed outside on Monday afternoon because the temps were in the 50's - not bad.
I also started getting rid of those darn weeds from my garden.  Oh how I wish they would stay away forever.
I am making some progress.  Preston and I have goals to plant flowers and vegetables this year.
And then it started to snow on Tuesday....not the spring weather we would like to have.
The snow was here and then it was gone.  It made for a nice picture.
We are eagerly awaiting the spring weather to stay for a while!  
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Preston is brave

Preston was a brave, brave young man today.  On Wednesday we noticed him complaining that his leg hurt.  After further inspection we noticed that he had a splinter in his leg, just below his knee.  I tried to remove the splinter that day but it would not budge.  Steven, unfortunately, had to work all day on Thursday so the splinter had to take a back seat.  Today, however, we could not wait any longer.  Action was vital because we noticed the wound looking a little red.  After a short battle we convinced the young lad that daddy had to remove the splinter in his leg TONIGHT.  No, not tomorrow, but tonight.  Yes, I had to hold him down while daddy did the word but THANKFULLY we were able to remove the bad guy from his leg.  Yes, he did cry but he was so brave.  Here is daddy showing Preston the HUGE splinter that came out of his leg.  Yes, Steven had to use his head lamp for the 'surgery'.
Here is the splinter - its HUGE!  That things was stuck inside Preston's leg.  Poor guy.  No wonder he was limping a little and complaining that it hurt. That is no ordinary splinter.  That is a monster splinter.
Her is a close up of the bad guy.  Its as wide as Steven's finger - yikes!
I am so glad we removed that thing from his body.  I am sure it would have become infected and caused some major damage.  Here is Preston showing us his brave face.  This is one brave boy.

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