Friday, March 1, 2013

Preston is brave

Preston was a brave, brave young man today.  On Wednesday we noticed him complaining that his leg hurt.  After further inspection we noticed that he had a splinter in his leg, just below his knee.  I tried to remove the splinter that day but it would not budge.  Steven, unfortunately, had to work all day on Thursday so the splinter had to take a back seat.  Today, however, we could not wait any longer.  Action was vital because we noticed the wound looking a little red.  After a short battle we convinced the young lad that daddy had to remove the splinter in his leg TONIGHT.  No, not tomorrow, but tonight.  Yes, I had to hold him down while daddy did the word but THANKFULLY we were able to remove the bad guy from his leg.  Yes, he did cry but he was so brave.  Here is daddy showing Preston the HUGE splinter that came out of his leg.  Yes, Steven had to use his head lamp for the 'surgery'.
Here is the splinter - its HUGE!  That things was stuck inside Preston's leg.  Poor guy.  No wonder he was limping a little and complaining that it hurt. That is no ordinary splinter.  That is a monster splinter.
Her is a close up of the bad guy.  Its as wide as Steven's finger - yikes!
I am so glad we removed that thing from his body.  I am sure it would have become infected and caused some major damage.  Here is Preston showing us his brave face.  This is one brave boy.

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