Thursday, February 28, 2013

What a day

Wow - it has been quite a day.  Its been a good day, but a long one filled with many surprises.  Let me share a few details.  Last night started out pretty normal.  I arrived home from work, I played with the kids for a while, and then made dinner.  The kids were in a great mood.  Peyton was happy and giggly. After dinner I packed up the kids and headed to Preston's school because they were offering a class on healthy child discipline.  It was sponsored by Children's hospital so I didn't want to miss out.  The lecture was great and the kids had a great time in the preschool play area.  We arrived home around 8:15 which is about an hour past bedtime.  The kids did great and went right to bed.  Peyton was in bed for about 15 minutes when I heard her cough...but it sounded a bit off and I decided to check it out.  Turns out she had thrown up.  Yuck.  I cleaned her up, changed her sheets and put her back to bed.  She then went back to sleep for about an hour until Steven arrived home about 9:30pm. I was in the Middle of telling Steven about what happened to Peyton when I heard the same 'cough' nose.  I ran in to check on her and found that she had thrown up again.  Double yuck.  Steven helped me clean up again (which included a bath) and Peyton was then allowed to come in our bed because I knew we were in for a long night.  Man, this picture is so cute.  Seems strange that it was taken at 5:30pm and she was sick by 8:30pm.
By the morning I could tell Peyton was doing a lot better.  She had only thrown up a couple more times and there wasn't much there.  She actually slept most of the night which is a blessing.  I even slept a decent big despite being 'on duty' with 5 towels, a bucket and 2 extra pairs of Pjs.  In the morning I gave Peyton a little big of Pedialyte.  She kept it down for about 30 minutes and then spit a little up. I then waiting an hour before giving her anymore liquids or food.  At this point I gave her a bit of dry toast, more pedialyte and a cracker.  She kept that down for a while and then repeated the nourishment.  At this point I could tell the girl was on the mend - thank goodness.  Here is a picture of the girl earlier this morning watching some ABC videos.
Unfortunately, our little girl did not nap.  I tried to put her down but she just sat in her bed and played with her babies for while.  Oh well. We read lots of books, cleaned her room and played with her baby dolls together.  This book is great.  It teaches kids to count to ten in English, German, Spanish and French. I have no background in French but the other languages are great.
Peyton also carried one of her babies all around the house today in her mini carrier.  So cute!
The kids are now in bed and I am able to catch up on some email, work and photography items.  I am praying that Preston, Steven and I remain healthy.  Thank you to our dear friends who sent messages with prayers and words of care.  We are so thankful for each one of you.

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