Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Purple Nails

Today was a first for Peyton.  Today was the first time Peyton let me paint her nails.  She was so sweet to let me paint her little toes and even hold out her fingers.  She also let me dry her nails with the hair dryer.  I wish I could have captured her little face on camera.   Peyton is now delighted that her nails look 'just like Mommy's'.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh Monday

It is Monday. I don't like Monday.  I don't like Monday because there always seems to be SO much to do and SO little time.  I also tend to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the week when I think about the things I need to do or accomplish in the week.  Does anyone else feel this way on Monday? 

In order to combat my feelings of failure or stress I usually try to go outside and play with the kids and focus my thoughts on things that are really important.  Seeing my kids playing happily in the sand box and yard made my heart happy today.  To witness their joy for life and complete lack of concern for a clean house or what is on my 'to do' list is encouraging and refreshing.  

Oh yes, I also must mention that our backyard is also CLEAN!  2 weeks ago the driveway space behind the sandbox was full of dirt and weeds from our patio project last fall.  I am so thankful we have our yard/play space back!  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Look

I have decided to change the look of my blog.  The only reason I can give you is that I was never really satisfied with my old look.  I usually try to change the look around the beginning of the year...well consider it Christmas in July because the blog was transformed today!  I also have a vision in mind for my blog.  I would like to post on a more regular basis (3 times a week) and post more excellent photos from our Dalbey family daily adventures.  Yes, that means less iPhone photos and more 'real' camera photos.  I would also like to share more of my reflections about life, our home, raising children, hobbies, etc...  Yes, I will still give you all an update on our life but with a bit more reflection and seeking some feedback from my friends/readers.  

To begin, I would like to share some pictures from my time with the kids at the park this week.  Let me begin by saying that my kids are not lacking personality.  They both have quite the imagination and love to be outside and explore.  I am so thankful that they enjoy our beautiful earth and find great enjoyment in play.  I think to be a kid is to play and explore.  Does anyone else wish they could be a kid again?  Oh, to be free of 'responsibility' and the pressures of life.  Sure, I love being an adult and the freedom I have to make choices...but to live with less worry about tomorrow, less stress about your job, less pressure to perform...that is what I miss sometimes during those busy weeks.  I am thankful for two flexible jobs that give me the opportunity to go outside and play with my young children.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Peyton the photographer

Peyton is a girl after my own heart.  Why?  Because she is showing interest in the world of photography. I could not be more proud.  Here is her 'self portrait' from last night.  What a cutie.  

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Art camp

Preston joined Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship last week for their Fire & Ice Art camp. Preston had a BLAST!  He learned so much about Art, Friendship and the Lord. What a great combination.  I am so thankful to see my son blessed by a wonderful Church.  Here is a picture of Preston's masterpiece. It is now hanging in his room.  I am one proud mommy.  

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This past weekend the Dalbey family headed out to hang out with some dear friends.  We had a BLAST!  Oh yes, our kids had a really great time as well.  Here is a picture of the kids enjoying some dinner.
We also took advantage of our friends offer to let the kids ride their bikes around the circle.  I miss living on a quiet circle in a neighborhood...maybe someday.  Again, the kids had a blast!
There were even water guns to keep everyone cool.  Fun times.
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Clean up

What has the Dalbey family been doing the past week?  I have one word: Cleaning.  Yes, we have been cleaning our backyard from all the junk, debris, etc...  We had so much junk in our house and yard that we filled an entire dumpster.  Yes, an entire dumpster.  Here is a picture of the dumpster that will be hauled away this afternoon.  Inside you will find old deck boards, broken toys, trash, and a list of other things that do not need to fill our basement, yard or garage.  
Here is the clean space in our back yard that held most of the debris the past 6 months.  It was bad.  We now feel like we have a yard again.  
Oh yes, did I mentioned that many unwanted weeds and pests living in this pile of junk?  The weeds are finally GONE.  The hornet nest has been destroyed and the mud has been relocated to other parts of the yard that needed more earth.  So much better.  

Why did I/we allow our yard and house to collect so much junk.  A huge part of the problem was that we didn't have the time or resources to get rid of the junk. Thank you, Grammie and Papa, for this helpful gift.  Also, I think for so long I tried to 'fill' my house with stuff to make myself feel like I had a lot and present myself as someone who was 'settled' in their home. In reality, it is not healthy to have so much junk in your home and I don't need to impress anyone with the contents of my house.  I have all that I need and that is what is most important.  Oh, I am also on a mission to sell, donate and throw away other household items I do not need.  I have already sold some bookshelves, a patio table, wall shelves, etc... I am on my way to a garage sale in the next few months. Stay tuned.  Now, when will I purge my house of my baby items....not entirely sure.  That one may be more difficult.  

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Friday, July 12, 2013

My Grandma

My Grandma.  This lovely lady made our vacation last week possible.  This lady treated us to her pool, a special grill out at her place for the 4th of July and many other little treats throughout the week.  My Grandma is so special and I love her very much!  

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Starbucks Mug

YES!! I just scored another Starbucks mug for my collection. Yes, it is from INDIA!!  Ok, I have never been to India BUT I have dear friends who are currently doing mission work there so I think that counts for something...maybe.  Another friend traveled to India this past week and brought this mug back for me.  What a treat!  

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Firefighter Preston

Preston is on a FireFighter kick.  I love it.  He wants to watch any video or read any book related to firefighters/firetrucks/etc... He also insists on wearing his firefighter outfit which is WAY too small.  Oh well.  At least he is being a good big brother and teaching his sister all about how to use the backyard hose to fight fires.  Great lesson.  

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Vacation - Part 7 - Fireworks

It was such a special treat to have the Fireworks display right outside our condo at St. Pete Beach.  We didn't have to worry about finding parking, fighting the crowds, setting up a blanket, etc...  All we had to do was stand outside our building and watch the Fireworks and it was AWESOME!   Here are just a few photos I took with my IPhone.  Nothing fancy but looks good to me :) 

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Vacation - Part 6 - Reflections

I used to visit my Grandma every year at her home in St. Petersburg, FL.  Every year I would head over to the famous Don Cesar hotel and pretend that I was a guest staying in the hotel.  Yes, I would pick up a towel, sit by the pool or on the beach, sip on a coke, read a book and relax with no hesitation.  This past week while I was down in Florida I wanted to take my kids to 'The Don' to experience this super fancy hotel.  Well, we didn't make it into the hotel.  We couldn't find a parking spot on the street and didn't want to pay $16 to park there for a few hours.  We ended up heading to my Grandma's pool but I took 5 minutes to take a picture of this lovely hotel.  Yes, the hotel is pink.  
I also make a quick stop into the ice cream parlor for some yummy treats and took a quick photo.  
Here is my reflection:  While the Don Cesar is a very nice hotel it does host a lot of people who are a bit different than myself.  I'm not a stay-at-home mom with a 3 carrot diamond ring.  I do not drive a black Escalade. I do not spend my extra time at the gym or taking tennis lessons.  I do not buy designer clothes for my children and you will not find me shopping at boutique stores on a regular basis.  I'm just a simple working mom trying to help make ends meet and spend as much quality time with my children as possible.  I shop at Aldi, Target and Goodwill.  I am so thankful for my .76 carrot diamond ring and my white VW Passat.  Yes, I am sure there are some very nice people who stay at the Don and many who are there for a special honeymoon or anniversary trip.  I just don't think I fit into the world of the Don and that is OK.  
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Vacation - Part 5 - Cupcakes

On our special 4th of July celebration with Grandma we had some yummy cupcakes.  
I think Peyton enjoyed the icing just a bit :) 

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Vacation - Part 4 - Florida Aquarium

After a few fun days on the beach it started to rain down in sunny Florida.  We did plan our vacation during the 'rainy' season so a little rain was not that bad.  It gave us a chance to head into Tampa and visit the Aquarium.  While we had a good time and saw some interesting things I must admit that the St. Louis Zoo puts the Florida Aquarium to shame.  Not only does the St. Louis Zoo have everything and more than the Florida Aquarium but the St. Louis Zoo is FREE!  I guess the $35 + we spent on tickets for the Aquarium supports the tourism industry :)  All thoughts aside, we had a great time.  
I thought this fish was really cool.  
This picture made me smile!  When did my daughter get so BIG?!  

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vacation - Part 3 - Swimsuits

If you are a detailed person like me then you may have noticed that Peyton has worn a different swim suit every day of our vacation.  If you haven't noticed then you will quickly see that she does not lack swim attire.  Let me briefly explain why she has so many swim suits.
This swim suit was given to Peyton last week by a dear friend, Laura.  It is a size 2t and just adorable.
I purchased this swim suit last year at Target for $5. It is an 18 month size but still fits our little girl.
This swim suit came in a random bag of clothes given to us a by another dear friend.  It is a size 3T but I think it runs small.
This swim suit was given to Peyton at her first Birthday Party by the Pohlman family and it is a size 2t.
I still have another swim suit for her to wear tomorrow and she has 2 more swim suits at home.  Its incredible how generous our friends have been in the clothing department. I have spent a grand total of about $50-$75 on clothes for Peyton so far in her lifetime. I also have two bins at home for the next 2 years.  I am so thankful.  I am looking forward to passing them on to friends and family members who I am sure will be just as thankful.

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Vacation - Part 2 - Peyton

This is the first time Peyton has been to the beach and she is LOVING every minute.  This picture was taken the first night we arrived when she was first able to explore the sand and water.   How wonderful to be a parent and watch your child's eyes open with wonder and excitement.  

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Vacation - Part 1 - Florida

The Dalbey family is currently on a vacation!!  A family vacation is something we haven't been able to do in three years and we are so thankful to be away and spending time together.  Before I go into any details about this vacation I must say that it would not be possible without the generosity of my Grandma.  She has provided lodging for us this week and has been generous in so many other ways as well.  I can't tell you all in words how thankful we are for her and this blessed time we have had together.  Oh yes, we have been spending the week in St. Petersburg, FL and here is a quick picture of the beach.  I'll go into more details from our vacation in the following posts.  
Note: the Internet at our Condo has been patchy.  I'll post as much as I can.