Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation - Part 6 - Reflections

I used to visit my Grandma every year at her home in St. Petersburg, FL.  Every year I would head over to the famous Don Cesar hotel and pretend that I was a guest staying in the hotel.  Yes, I would pick up a towel, sit by the pool or on the beach, sip on a coke, read a book and relax with no hesitation.  This past week while I was down in Florida I wanted to take my kids to 'The Don' to experience this super fancy hotel.  Well, we didn't make it into the hotel.  We couldn't find a parking spot on the street and didn't want to pay $16 to park there for a few hours.  We ended up heading to my Grandma's pool but I took 5 minutes to take a picture of this lovely hotel.  Yes, the hotel is pink.  
I also make a quick stop into the ice cream parlor for some yummy treats and took a quick photo.  
Here is my reflection:  While the Don Cesar is a very nice hotel it does host a lot of people who are a bit different than myself.  I'm not a stay-at-home mom with a 3 carrot diamond ring.  I do not drive a black Escalade. I do not spend my extra time at the gym or taking tennis lessons.  I do not buy designer clothes for my children and you will not find me shopping at boutique stores on a regular basis.  I'm just a simple working mom trying to help make ends meet and spend as much quality time with my children as possible.  I shop at Aldi, Target and Goodwill.  I am so thankful for my .76 carrot diamond ring and my white VW Passat.  Yes, I am sure there are some very nice people who stay at the Don and many who are there for a special honeymoon or anniversary trip.  I just don't think I fit into the world of the Don and that is OK.  
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