Thursday, April 30, 2009


Some of you may know that I like photos of doors. I proudly display the Napa Valley Winery Doors posters in my family room as evidence. While we were in Spain, I decided that I would try my hand at photographing some doors. Here are a few photos. Maybe I will aquire a collection of doors and make a poster of my very own...some day. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spanish Tile and Architecture

While the Dalbey Trio was in Spain, we were able to go out on a couple of excursions from our hotel. The first was to Tavira, Portugal and the second was to Sevilla. Both locations are absolutely beautiful and the tile decorations & architecture are stunning. Here are some photo's.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are home from Spain

The Dalbey Trio is home from Spain. We had a wonderful trip and are excited to share many photo's and stories with you soon. For now, I want to share some photo's of traveling with Preston and some sweet family time together. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dear friends, we would like to let our friends and family know that we have arrived safely in Spain. We are adjusting well and busy preparing for our work with the students. Our team is wonderful and we are enjoying our time here very much. Thank you for everyone's prayers, love and support. We will update when we can but please know that we are doing well. Love, the Dalbey Trio. PS - Happy Birthday Aunt Kristen :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Dalbey Trio goes to Spain

The Dalbey Trio is leaving tomorrow for Spain. Yes, we are gong to Spain to attend the MTW (Mission to the World) Europe/Africa Retreat. The purpose of our attendance is for us to minister to the high school and middle school students of the missionaries in these two regions. We are looking forward to meeting the students, their families and the MTW staff. We are also looking forward to a break - the Dalbey Trio hasn't taken a REAL vacation in over a year! We will update our blog if we are able and we look forward to sharing about our trip upon our return.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A big week

There is a lot going on with the Dalbey Trio this week. First, we are busy preparing to leave on Sunday for our Missions Trip to Spain (more details to come). We are excited for the trip yet a bit overwhelmed with packing and all the preparations. I don't think I will rest until we are on the airplane. Second, the weather has been beautiful the past couple days. I love going outside with my camera and capturing all that is in bloom. I captured this photo, and many more, this afternoon. Did I mention that I LOVE tulips? :)
Third, our dear friend and co - worker, Andrea Sanders, is moving to Michigan next week. While I am excited for her and her husband to start a new job at a Church outside Detroit, I am sad to see a dear friend move away. Andrea, Steven and I have been working with youth at Central Pres for the past five years. We admire her love and passion for the Lord and for students. Andrea and I (Katrina) have also been on an amazing journey becoming new mothers together. Her daughter, Ava, and our son, Preston, are only 5 weeks apart. I will miss talking with Andrea about life, motherhood, youth ministry and other things in life. While this change is good and a normal part of life, it is still hard to know that I will not see a dear friend for a while and I will need some time to transition. Here is a photo of Andrea and me at Ted Drews - a STL tradition!
Fourth, Preston and I have had some great time together this week. He is becoming more like a little boy each today and I love him very much. Tonight, we had fun playing outside and then reading some books in his room before bedtime. He loves 'reading' books and I love watching his face as he looks at all the pictures - he is a sweet boy. Here is a photo of us in our matching outfits. This was not planned but very cute.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Review

The Dalbey Trio had a wonderful Easter. We started the day with a wonderful worship service at Central. Preston was so sweet and took a nap in daddy's arms during the service. After the service we headed to Grandma and Grandad Denton's house for lunch. As you can see in the following photo, Preston is still working on crawling. He is quite good and going he just has to figure out how to go forward.

I really like this photo of Preston because I think it captures his curiosity and sweetness!

Here is a Dalbey Trio photo - fun times! Oh yes, Easter weekend continued today with some time with Grammie, Papa Dalbey, Uncle Eric and family. We had a wonderful lunch and time to visit with one another. Preston was a bit fussy in the morning (we think his teeth/gums are hurting), but did great when his friend Emma came to play. Emma is the daughter of Steven's cousin Becky and her husband Mike. I neglected to take a photo of them together so I will have to request one from Papa Dalbey :) We hope our Dalbey Times readers also had a wonderful Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hard Work

Steven and I decided that our project for 2009 would be a new fence and some landscaping in our backyard. We used to have a chain link fence that our dog Bailey would jump over. Now, we are excited about having a fenced in yard that our dogs can safely run around in and a bit more space. If you look at the photo's, you may be able to see that we used to have a chain link fence that went along the right side of the driveway - crowding the yard. Now, the fence will go to the left of the driveway and give us a little more room to breath. I am also exciting to let Preston outside and have him ride his bike and play on the driveway without worrying about him going down to the street. As you can see by the photo's, Steven, Papa Dalbey and our neighbor Jean really helped get this project going. I can't wait to post photo's of the finished project. Oh yes, enjoy the photo of the tulips.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yeah for Spring! Oh yes, tulips are my (Katrina) favorite flower! I took these photo's on Saturday while the Dalbey Trio took a walk at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I love free places in STL!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

8 Months


I mentioned in a previous blog post that Preston is in the early stages of crawling. Yesterday, he did a complete 360 degree turn on the floor in his room. I captured the event on film so I could share it with our readers. We will keep you updated on his progress. Enjoy the video!