Friday, July 19, 2013

Clean up

What has the Dalbey family been doing the past week?  I have one word: Cleaning.  Yes, we have been cleaning our backyard from all the junk, debris, etc...  We had so much junk in our house and yard that we filled an entire dumpster.  Yes, an entire dumpster.  Here is a picture of the dumpster that will be hauled away this afternoon.  Inside you will find old deck boards, broken toys, trash, and a list of other things that do not need to fill our basement, yard or garage.  
Here is the clean space in our back yard that held most of the debris the past 6 months.  It was bad.  We now feel like we have a yard again.  
Oh yes, did I mentioned that many unwanted weeds and pests living in this pile of junk?  The weeds are finally GONE.  The hornet nest has been destroyed and the mud has been relocated to other parts of the yard that needed more earth.  So much better.  

Why did I/we allow our yard and house to collect so much junk.  A huge part of the problem was that we didn't have the time or resources to get rid of the junk. Thank you, Grammie and Papa, for this helpful gift.  Also, I think for so long I tried to 'fill' my house with stuff to make myself feel like I had a lot and present myself as someone who was 'settled' in their home. In reality, it is not healthy to have so much junk in your home and I don't need to impress anyone with the contents of my house.  I have all that I need and that is what is most important.  Oh, I am also on a mission to sell, donate and throw away other household items I do not need.  I have already sold some bookshelves, a patio table, wall shelves, etc... I am on my way to a garage sale in the next few months. Stay tuned.  Now, when will I purge my house of my baby items....not entirely sure.  That one may be more difficult.  

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