Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation - Part 4 - Florida Aquarium

After a few fun days on the beach it started to rain down in sunny Florida.  We did plan our vacation during the 'rainy' season so a little rain was not that bad.  It gave us a chance to head into Tampa and visit the Aquarium.  While we had a good time and saw some interesting things I must admit that the St. Louis Zoo puts the Florida Aquarium to shame.  Not only does the St. Louis Zoo have everything and more than the Florida Aquarium but the St. Louis Zoo is FREE!  I guess the $35 + we spent on tickets for the Aquarium supports the tourism industry :)  All thoughts aside, we had a great time.  
I thought this fish was really cool.  
This picture made me smile!  When did my daughter get so BIG?!  

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