Monday, March 11, 2013

Well, Saturday was nice

Saturday was a beautiful day here in St. Louis.  It started off rainy and cold but quickly warmed up to a lovely spring like day.  After Peyton's Birthday party (blog post to come soon) we headed home from Granddad's house and Peyton was so excited to wear her new chef's at and apron.  Here is the sweet girl right after we buckled her in her seat belt.  She is just so sweet.
And then she fell asleep 5 minutes into the drive.  The party girl was worn out.
Upon our arrival at home I changed into my ran boots and shorts and headed outside to the backyard.  Yes, our backyard is a MESS.  Steven installed a patio last fall and the pile of dirt is still in our driveway.  I can't wait to get that stuff cleaned up.
Thankfully, Preston doesn't seem to mind the mess.  The boy just wanted to play with the water.  I can't wait till its nice and warm outside, the kiddie pool is full of water and the dirt is cleaned up.
Peyton also woke up from her car nap and joined us in the backyard for some swing set fun.  
Preston loves the swing as well.  
Today, it is rainy and cold again in St. Louis.  I can't wait for warm weather to STAY.  I could use some more Vitamin D.  I plan on spending most of my extra time out in the backyard with the kids this spring.

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