Monday, March 18, 2013

Peyton turns 2

Peyton turned 2 yesterday.  While our weekend was full of Dalbey wedding excitement we were still able to celebrate our little girl and her 2 wonderful years of life in our family.   Here are a few photos from our day and some special notes about our little girl.

*Peyton still loves playing with her babies and other toys.  
She makes up stories and even invites her big brother to play with her.  
*Peyton is now speaking very well.  She forms complete sentences and is more clear each day.  
*Peyton now sleeps in a toddler bed (see photos below).  
*Peyton is average height and weight.  Updated stats to come soon.  
*Peyton's hair is still super blond and growing in nicely. 
I am able to put more bows and clips in her hair each day.  
*Peyton loves puzzles and blocks.  She can put together all the matching puzzles on our shelf and has started putting together 6-8 piece puzzles.  She also loves blocks and making towers.  
*Peyton is a nurturer.  She is kind and gentle.  I often hear people tell me that Peyton is very sensitive to the needs of others, especially when other people are upset.  

The first gift to Peyton on her birthday was an addition to her doll house.  It is a little dance studio.  Here is Peyton helping her doll learn some new ballet moves.
Oh yes, did you notice the outfit?  Peyton celebrated her birthday with full shamrock green gear.  The weather did not cooperate for my planned photo shoot so we will try again when the temperature warms up. Here is daddy and Peyton working on the doll house studio.
Another big event from our day was converting Peyton's crib to a 'big girl bed'.  She was so excited!  Note: do not worry about the lack of gate/rail in this photo.  We purchased one and installed it last night before bed.  This photo was taken in the afternoon.
For Peyton's Birthday dinner we went out to meet Grammie, Papa and and the cousins at Noodles.  It was a wonderful time to celebrate our little girl and eat some yummy food.  Peyton even wore her shamrock crown for a few minutes.
And no birthday would be complete without more gifts.  Grammie and Papa gave Peyton a stuffed mallard duck (since she loves to feed the ducks at our favorite park) and the most adorable Cardinal Hat. We can't wait for baseball season to start.
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