Friday, July 27, 2012

It's the little things

On Friday, at the end of a long week, it is important to note the little things in life that really are important.  Here are a few from my week that I would like to share. 
First, my daughter's smile.  I think she is working on a few new teeth. 
Second, a new backpack for Preston.  He will start preschool this fall. 
Third, playdoh time.  Thank goodness for an extra high chair in the basement. 
Fourth, good nap times for both kids this week. 
Fifth, some needed rain.  We didn't get any rain but I know the people south of us are very happy. 
Six, this couch was given to us years ago.  It doesn't have the coolest pattern to it but I found an old slip cover that fit just nicely.  We now have a fun couch in the baseement.  Oh yes, did I tell you that I cleaned the basement?  I'll post something next week about that.  I am still in the midst of decorating/organizing. 
Seven, a visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden. 
Finally, I was going through some old cards and found a $50 bill in a birthday card...from 2011.  So, I decided to get something I needed.  I needed a new sheet set for our bed.  Thank you, Target, for the lovely deal and some extra cash to buy Preston a new train. 
Ahh, its the little things. 

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