Sunday, July 8, 2012

Preston learns to swim.

Yesterday was a big day in the Dalbey family.  Preston learned how to swim.  Ok, I wouldn't say that he is completely safe on his own, but he swam accross the pool with some floaties on his arms.  He also dove off the diving board and went down the slide all. by. himself.  I am shocked and excited.  My son is still 3.  Can this be happening?  Yes, it is.  Here is the little man jumping off the diving board.  What a courageous guy. 
 Here is one happy girl.  Peyton loves the pool. 
Here is Preston going off the diving board - again. 
He is so proud of himself.  
Little Peyton again just lovin the pool. 
Thank you, Pagliaro family, for inviting us out to swim, play and be be together.  We love you! 

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