Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peyton the Ballerina

Peyton had become VERY interested in dance and ballet the past few weeks.  She enjoys dancing with mommy (and my limited ballet skills), watching Angelina Ballerina and reading books about Ballet.  I think we need to head over to our local Library to find some more.  I even told my dad that she wanted some ballet items for xmas so lets just see what happens.  I happily encourage dance in Peyton since I am a dancer myself.  I am more talented in the jazz/hip hop area but still, this is awesome.  Oh yes, I purchased tickets to see the Nutcracker Ballet here in St. Louis over the Christmas break. I am really excited to take my little girl.  This cute ballet outfit was just given to us by a friend and Peyton has requested to wear it - non stop.  So cute.  
Um, did anyone notice the CURLY hair Peyton has going on. I think I need to consult Aunt Elizabeth on how to style this beautiful hair.  
Here is my girl working  on her moves. I am so proud!  I will keep documenting her work in the months and years ahead.  

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