Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Ballet

Ok, I know I have been posting a lot about Peyton lately.  I'm not sorry.  I do, however, have plans to post about Preston tomorrow and some of his recent adventures.  Here is a post about my recent trip with Peyton to the Ballet.  Yes, I took Peyton to see the Nutcracker ballet and it was awesome!!!  I wanted to start this annual tradition for three reasons.  First, Peyton is showing interest in the Ballet and I am very eager to encourage her love of dance and the arts.  Second, the Nutcracker ballet is awesome and who wouldn't want to go and see this great show.  Finally, seeing the Nutcracker was a tradition in my home as a little girl and I wanted to pass along this wonderful memory to my little girl.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure.  First, we have Peyton and me before the show.  She is SO excited!
We met up with some friends beforehand for some frozen yogurt and then some cute pictures.  
Peyton insister in wearing her ballerina outfit under her dress.  She then wanted to wear this outfit for the second half of the show.  So many people commented on how cute she looked. I agree.  Oh yes, I am wearing my grandma's fur coat.  I think I rocked it!!!  
Here is a sweet group shot.  We had such a fun time!!  
I think we are all excited for next year!  

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