Friday, September 11, 2009

Traveling with Preston

Many of our friends have been asking about how Preston did on the long drive out and back to Arizona. I tell them that Preston did very well and I could not have expected more from a 13 month old. Most of the time he would either be playing with his little trucks (thank you Uncle Dan & Aunt Ruthanne) or his super cool toy school bus or he would be listening to his Toddler Tunes CD (thank you Aunt Kristen). If this wasn't enough we would play a fun game of peek a boo or point out various items outside the window (cow's, trees, trucks, etc...) or feed him a few graham crackers. Sure, there were times when I imagine he was saying "Get me out of this car seat" but he is a trooper and we are so thankful that we made the drive. Here are a few pictures of Preston on our journey and a sweet video that Steven and I like to call "Preston dreams about eating graham crackers".

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