Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Dalbey Trio. We are doing well, just busy with all that a new year brings. Steven and I had a lovely weekend together and then hit the ground running on Monday at work. With all that is, or is not, going on I have not had much of a desire to blog about our I apologize for those who are eager to know what is going on and see pictures of our sweet little boy. We are well and here are some updates from the past few days.

Steven is doing well and has been very busy hanging out with students and families the past few days. He is also working hard to complete our 4 year old bathroom renovation project. This past weekend he installed new track lighting and it looks great! He plans to continue working on this until it is complete. Here are a few pictures of him hanging out with Preston and the updates in the bathroom. Preston has officially become a sponge. He is repeating everything Steven and I say and it is so sweet. He also continues in his passion for books, especially books about cars, trucks and trains. I think I have read the 'Thomas the Train' books about 50 times the past week. All this is good and we love watching him grow and learn. Preston also headed back to PEEP's this week. PEEP's is a mothers day out program through our Church. Preston loves to hang out with his friends, color and play. Here are a few pictures of Preston from the past week:

I (Katrina) have been busy working on some New Year resolutions. Yes, I like New Year resolutions because it gives me some specific goals to achieve and items to work on. This year I have three resolutions: First, I would like to plan more down time/relax time in our family schedule. Steven and I do not share the same day off during the week so Saturday is often the only day we can be together as a family without anything else going on. I am going to strive to keep that day quiet so that we can be together. Second, I would like to finish some home projects this year. This includes painting the bathroom, hallway and sun room. I am going to organize our home office so that it can be used and I would like to turn our basement into a space that can be used for Preston to play or for friends and students to come over and hang out. Third, I would like to do more reading and writting this year. In order to accomplish this resolution I must decrease the amount of TV I watch. I am just going to have to pick my favorite shows and turn off the TV when they are over. I will keep you updated on these goals. Good news: I have started working on cleaning our home office. Here are some before and after pictures:

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