Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Magic House

Last Friday we took Preston to the Magic House. We had heard (or read from her blog) from our friend, Emily, that it was free to get in the Magic House the 3rd Friday of the month - it was true. So, we packed up and headed out last week. We all had a blast. I had not been to the magic house since I was a little girl so it was great to head back, see the updates and spend time with Preston. Here are a few pictures.
Preston still LOVES trains.
He loved the water toys, but had a little too much fun splashing himself and others. Sorry!
I can allready hear Preston saying - 'when can I drive?'
The sandbox is definately Preston's favorite! He spend a good 5 minutes here.

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emily said...

Glad you guys had fun at the Magic House! We just love going when it's takes the pressure off of feeling like you have to stay to get your money's worth even when the kids are ready to go!