Friday, April 9, 2010

Night with the girls

The Dalbey Trio headed over to Miss Leah's house tonight for a fun time to hang out with friends. Steven and Preston went with Todd and Eli to the Magic house (pictures to come) while Katrina stayed back with Leah, Anna, Megan, Carolyn, Christi and Ashleigh. Anna and Ashleigh are cousins, while the adult ladies are all friends from MIZZOU! I had a blast catching up with friends, walking in downtown Maplewood and taking pictures of the babies. Here are some photos from our time together this evening. Enjoy!
Top row: Katrina, Leah, Megan, Bottom Row: Christi and Ashleigh, Carolyn
Beautiful flowering tree on our walk through Maplewood
Sweet baby Anna being held by mommy, Leah
Beautiful blue eye baby Ashleigh
Anna and Ashleigh together at last. Anna lives in St. Louis, Ashleigh live in Tucson.

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