Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Storm

Steven and I had a fabulous weekend at our Annual Spring Storm retreat. This retreat is run by the children's ministy at Central and all 4th, 5th and 6th graders are able to participate. The weekend is full of games, outdoor activities, singing, small groups, and plenty of fun! This year Steven was the speaker for the retreat and the theme was the Armor of God which is found in Ephesians 6. Steven did a fabulous job giving five, yes five, talks where he shared many stories and examples from his life that helped the students and leaders grow in their understanding of the Bible and how it applies to all areas of our lives. I learned a lot from Steven and through the discussion time with my 6th grade girls small group. Oh yes, I also want to say thank you to Grammie and Papa Dalbey for watching Preston this weekend so that Steven and I could go on the retreat together. Here are a few photos from our time this weekend. Here is my cabin of 6th grade girls.
Here is Steven and friend, Simon as sumo wrestler's for the skits! They were hilarious.
Here I am with student intern, Kaylie. I had Kaylie as a 5th and 6th grader at Spring Storm. Now, she is a freshman and leader for other girls.
Here is a quick picture of Steven and I at the retreat!
Steven giving talk #1 at the retreat.

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