Friday, June 4, 2010


Dear friends and family,
I am in the process of working towards staring my own photography business in the fall of 2010. I have been thinking about this for some time and working on creating a portfolio. I have been talking pictures of friends, students, children, etc... and enjoying every moment. My goal is to provide people with a more inexpensive option to document the most important events in their life. Now, I need your help. Would you help me pick a name for this exciting endeavor? I would like something fresh, creative and warm. I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, encouragement and prayer as I work to making this dream a reality.

Katrina Sonja Dalbey

P.S. Here are a few of my recent photos.


Anonymous said...

Hey Katrina! I think that is an awsome idea! I say go for it, and make it all to the glory of God!
As for the name, Something like "Capture the Spirit Photography" Use it as a play on words: to capture the spirit of the event, but lso making reference to the Holy Spirit...
Hope you find something perfectly suited!

the warrens said...

I'll be thinking, but you know I love your work!!! Let me know if you need more models : ) So excited for you to follow your dreams! You go girl!