Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Past Few Days

The Dalbey Trio has been very busy the past few days. Steven has been busy hanging out with students from Youth Group, Katrina's been busy teaching dance camp and Preston has been busy playing with cars and trucks. Here are a couple photos from the past few days. Here is a picture of Steven, Papa and Preston at the Cardinals Game on Saturday. Oh my word, it was SO HOT!
Here is a picture of Nathan and Tom over at our house the other night to hang out, play video games and eat a lot of Pizza.
Here is a picture of Steven and Jordan making huge goals for in our front yard. We plan on using these tomorrow on our annual camp & canoe trip.
Here is a sweet picture of Preston and Steven hanging out the other day. Wow - Preston looks so big.
Oh yeah, I love this picture. Preston loves to wear his pair of 'glasses' around the house!

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