Sunday, September 26, 2010

Garage Sale Update and Photos

I am happy to report that our Garage Sale was an overall success. While we didn't get as many 'shoppers' as I had hoped for, the people who came to shop did buy and were very generous. Some of our big ticket items included a tred mill, a gps and a Gucci bag. We sold a few clothing items, frames, vases and glass pieces. Overall, we made $200 and all the proceeds go to our Missions Trip next week. I will be sure to share more details about our trip in a few days.

In other news, part of our neighbors tree feel down the other day. You can see the sight in the photo I took from our window on Thursday. We are so thankful that it did not hit our fence but simply fell over. Our neighbor had a friend come and chop everything down so all is 'normal' again.
The Dalbey trio also attending a Birthday party last night for our dear friend, Sarah. We had so much fun playing tennis and volleyball, hanging out with students and eating some yummy pizza. Thank you, Sarah, for the invite!

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