Monday, September 6, 2010

Runner Boy and Update

Many of you know that Preston LOVES to run. Steven and I call him runner boy because he wants to run everywhere we go. No matter if we are on a walk, at the park, or inside the house Preston wants to run. We have to tell him a lot that running is for outside and not inside. I believe we have a track star on our hands. Since today is a beautiful day and we are off work we took Preston outside for some fun and exercise. I told him that he could run down the driveway to me and that I would take his picture. Here are a few sweet shots - enjoy.

Oh yes, Preston update: Preston is now 25 months and doing great. He continues to love to play with his trucks, cars and trains and spends hours each day talking to them and having a blast. He also loves when we read to him and has started 'reading' on his own. This morning he sat in the reading room for 30 minutes just looking at all his books. Now, they are all on the floor but that is ok. Finally, his verbal skills continue to progress nicely. He talks all the time and wants to learn what everything is called and tell me everything that he does. I think this is really sweet.

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