Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the past few days

The past few days have been very busy. Again, lets play catch up.

First, we finally picked out our carpet for the stairs over the weekend. They are being installed on Thursday. No worries, photos will be posted.

Second, I took some time last night to organize the clothes that have been given to Peyton. Here is a picture of everything washed, folded and sorted by size in their proper drawer. Yes, I know, I am way beyond organized...I am a perfectionist.

Third, potty training is still going. We have our ups and downs but that is ok. On Saturday we had no accidents. On Sunday we had 1 accident, on Monday we had no accidents, today we have had 3 accidents. Thankfully these accidents are not major and Preston even caught himself today in the middle of an accident. He is learning and that is our goal. Here is our little man with his construction hat.

Finally, I am 32.5 weeks pregnant. I feel tired and am trying very hard to not complain. My prayer is that I will have the energy to be present with Preston each day before little Peyton arrives. We will try to keep you all updated via our blog. Oh yes, at my 30 week appointment she was measuring at 31 weeks. It is very encouraging to hear that our little girl is healthy and growing.

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Kincaid said...

peyton's little clothes look so cute in the drawers! WAY TO GO PRESTON on learning to use the potty! those last few weeks of pregnancy are so hard...I remember that exhausted feeling like it was just yesterday!!! won't be too much longer==we're proud of you guys and miss you....can't wait to meet little miss peyton!!!