Thursday, February 3, 2011

Preston Outside

Here are a few pictures of my time this afternoon outside with Preston. Before I continue let me assure our readers that I did put mittens on his hands. He took them off multiple times and insisted that he didn't want to wear them. I think you can see him wearing the gloves while riding his trike. I learned from his teachers this afternoon that he apparantly had this 'I don't want/need to listen to adults' perspective all day long. We will need to work on that. Anyway, we went outside for a little sledding in our front yard and then some exploring in our back yard. Poor guy, he wants to ride his trike so badly. If only the weather would help him out. The snow/ice did, however, make for some great photos. I also took the time to take some artistic photos. I will post a few of them on my photography blog, All Things Simple, later this evening. The blog address is

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