Monday, March 21, 2011

4 days

Peyton is 4 days old and doing very well. She is sleeping and nursing very well, takes great photos and is a joy to everyone. Preston continues to love his little sister and wants to see her/look at her all the time. He also talks about her all the time. I will post more on his response to the baby soon.

I have been thinking... I think God knew that I needed an 'easier' baby after all the stress in my life the past 6 months. No, my stress was not due to my pregnancy but other things. I am truly thankful for this little blessing in my life as she reminds me of how beautiful and sweet life can truly be. Well, thats all for now.

As always, enjoy the photo. Notice how she is holding up 4 fingers!

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Kincaid said...

She's just soooooooo sweet and beautiful! Wish I could meet her in person :( Hope she stays an easy baby for you guys! Love all the beautiful photos you are taking K! Miss you guys and thinking of you often!