Friday, March 18, 2011

Peyton's Story

Here is Peyton's Birth Story: I started having contractions on Wednesday morning and throughout the day. They felt, lets just say, yucky. I went home from work around 4pm and started having contractions that hurt around 6pm. Thankfully, Preston was with Steven's mom that day and she decided to keep him at her house. This was a wise decision because my contractions continued into the night. At 3:30am on Thursday morning, we finally decided to head to the hospital b/c my contractions were 8-10 min apart and they really hurt. They admitted me to the hospital because I was 4cm dilated and progressing in labor. Thank goodness for the epidural! I continued to dilate to 6cm and then my water broke around 6am. My labor started to slow down so they gave me a little pitocin around 8am. I quickly, very quickly, fully dilated. I could feel the baby move down and told the nurse I thought I was ready. After a quick check I was indeed ready to go. This was at 9:15am. I started pushing around 9:40am and Peyton was born at 10:15am. Yeah for a St. Patrick's Day baby! I am so thankful for a quick labor and a peaceful hospital environment. Our time here has been going very well. Here are a few photos. This is me at 3:30am. I am exhausted and in pain.
Here is mommy and Peyton soon after she was born.
Here she is all bundled up and with her cute hat :)
Grammie stopped in to say hi and meet here newest Granddaughter.
Here is a happy mommy and daddy with our little girl.
We continue to love getting to know our little girl and spending time together. Preston also met his little sister yesterday. He was and is very excited. I will post photos in just a bit.

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Christi Provost said...

Yay! Thank you for the story and more photos! I'll be praying for you guys as you go home and adjust to your new life. Can't wait to meet the little sweetie!