Saturday, April 23, 2011


This morning I went to the John Burroughs annual Potpourri Garage Sale.
After Peyton's 3:30am feeding, I got ready and made it to JBS at 4:50am to secure my spot in line. It is worth getting in line early to get in early and find some neat stuff. This morning, I didn't have anything specific in mind to look for...just some clothes for the kids.
Here is what I found for Peyton:
(1 short sleeve shirt, 2 long sleeve shirts, a corduroy jacket, a sleeper, a dress and some mittens)
Here is what I found for Preston:
(A pair of shorts, boxer shorts, pants and some mitten/gloves)

I also found these SWEET baby shoes:
I found a total of 3 pairs of these sweet baby shoes.
I think I will keep one pair for Peyton and gift the other two pairs.
Notice how the shoes are already gift wrapped - very convenient.
Overall, a very successful shopping trip.
Oh yes, did I mention that I only spent $15 - a great deal!

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