Monday, April 18, 2011

This was my afternoon

This is what life was like this afternoon at the Dalbey home:

Pick up Preston from Peeps
Sign tax papers with Steven
Copy tax papers
Drive to post office
Return to church to copy more tax papers
Drive to post office (too busy)
Drive to another post office (they need a drive through post office window)
Drive through Starbucks window :)
Drive home
Feed Peyton
Try to play with Preston
Learn how to put Peyton in a sling
Order Peyton's Birth Announcements
Read books to Preston
Go downstairs to cook dinner
Clean up the milk Preston spilled from his cup
Start cooking dinner
Clean up Preston's 'accident'
Continue to cook dinner
Visit with a friend who stopped by for a minute to drop something off for me
Continue to cook dinner
Clean up Peyton's blow out diaper mess
Serve Preston dinner
Feed Peyton
Eat my dinner
Try to ask Preston not to dump out his leftover dinner on the table
Go upstairs to play
Encourage Preston to go #2 in the potty
Success at #2 in the potty
Put Preston to bed
Put Peyton to bed
Put Preston to bed again
Feed Peyton again
Put Peyton to bed
Both kids are now in bed....please stay in bed
Mommy is going to go feed the dogs, put in a load of laundry and go to bed.

What a day!!

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