Friday, April 15, 2011


I mentioned a few days ago that I headed back to work 2 weeks after Peyton was born. While this is not ideal, it is just something I need to do for our family. Thankfully, I work for some patient attorney's and have some loving co-workers who love to see the little girl and even hold her if I have something urgent that needs to be finished. Sadly, one of those co-workers is leaving our office and going to work for a non - profit organization closer to home. Anna, you will be greatly missed. I don't know what I will do without your help these next 7 weeks until Peyton is old enough to go to Peeps. I hope to see you soon. Here are a few photos from my time at the office the last 2 days.

Here are a couple photos of Anna holding Peyton
Anna and Katrina
Here is the whole group at the office
Here is the group of attorney's. (Grandad is on the right)

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Anna said...

I made the blog!!! Love it! I will miss you very much as well as that beautiful little girl. But we will be getting together often... :)