Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update

The Dalbey Four had a HUGE weekend. We had a family dinner and Birthday celebration on Wednesday. Thursday, it was my Birthday! Friday, we celebrated the Seminary Graduation with some friends by going to the Zoo. Then we had the Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner for my sister and fiancée that evening. Saturday was wedding festivities and Sunday was family day with Grandparents. It was a busy but exciting weekend and I am going to try to document and update our friends and visitors via the blog. Here we go.
Let me start with Wednesday, we had a very nice Birthday celebration with the Dalbey side of the family. Steven's sister and her 3 children are in town for the week so we couldn't resist seeing them. I, unfortunately, have no pictures to document from our evening together. Thursday, it was my 31st Birthday. We went out to breakfast as a family that morning. I had lunch with my Dad and then dinner at Qdoba with the family. My Birthday present from Steven was a nice hair cut and highlight at the Salon. This is a big deal for me since I get my hair cut about 3 times a year and haven't highlighted my hair in 4 years. Before that, I hadn't highlighted my hair since college. So, I hope to display a picture of my new hair soon.
Friday, we went to the Zoo with the Wilkins family The Wilkins are our friends from
Seminary and our trips with MTW to work with Missionary kids. We are so excited for them to be finished with school. Yes, I did take some great photos at the Zoo and here are a few of my favorite:
First, a picture of Drew and Lindsey. They look so happy to be finished with school.
Next, we have Bryce Wilkins giving Steven and Preston a hug. Bryce is Drew's younger brother and Steven's buddy from our trip to Mexico last October. Bryce left yesterday for a 15 month mission trip to Kenya. We love you and will miss you.
Here is a lovely flower from the zoo :)
Here we have Preston checking out the animals.
Finally, a cool picture of a Giraffe that made its way right up to the fence. I guess he just wanted to say hi :)
I will start another post in just a bit to continue documenting our fun weekend!

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