Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catching up from the week

It's Saturday. I am so thankful its Saturday. The Dalbey's are enjoying some needed time at home this evening. Peyton is currently taking a nap and Preston is watching some Thomas with Steven. While I have a minute, I will update our viewers on our adventures from the past week.

I spent a couple days at home this past week. While at home I took the kids outside and in the back yard to play in the pool that our neighbors have let us borrow/use this summer. Preston LOVES the pool. He could spend hours in the pool if I let him. Here are a few pictures. First, Preston watching some Thomas the Tank Engine. Second, Preston in the pool. (Even Hershey jumped in the pool to join the fun).

Peyton continues to be a wonderful little girl and was sweet to play in her bouncy seat while Preston played in the pool. I also have a photo of Peyton's sweet hands.

I also spent some time outside and in our front yard waiting for daddy to come home one day and taking some pictures of the kids :) Wow - Peyton is just starting to sit up in the bumbo seat - crazy how times flies.

Well, I had to save my post because Peyton woke up from her nap. Now, a few hours later I am back. Some other fun events from the week include some time at the Denholm's on Friday evening (thank you) and some time with Grandad on Saturday morning. Oh yes, I stopped by a fun garage sale this morning and found an awesome pair of shoes for $5 and some toys for Peyton for $1. Not bad at all. Now, the kids are in bed and I am looking forward to finishing some laundry and hanging out with my hubby!

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