Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you

The past year has been, well, full of change and emotion. I think I have cried more the past 6 months than I have the past 6 years. Many of the tears have been tears of great joy - like when we welcomed our little girl to our family back in March. Some of the tears have been from great pain and sadness. While I can't go into detail about those tears, I have been trying to find encouragement by reminding myself lately about what is true. I am loved. I have a deep network of support and care that has blessed me through the great and difficult times. Because I have felt so much love and care, I wanted to take a moment to send out some 'thank you' messages to those who have encouraged me the past year.

First, thank you to my wonderful husband. Steven, you are a blessing. You are a real man who is caring, passionate and hard working. Thank you for listening well and taking the time to care for me.

Thank you to my dad who cares for me every day at work. Thank you for providing me with a job during a time of transition and being patient as I learn how to be a paralegal. I am blessed to have a dad like you.

Thank you to my in laws, Mark and Beth, who have gone above and beyond the call of Grandparent duty to love our family. From caring for Preston every Wednesday, providing meals, a safe person to talk to and much more, you are a great blessing.

Thank you to Eric Larsen, our mentor and great friend. Thank you for praying for and with us and being there to talk when we need support.

Thank you to our SLYnet friends: Drew, Lindsey, Zane, Stephen, Bil, John, Bo, Michael and others. Thank you for being our Youth Ministry support and faithful friends.

Thank you to my Sunday night Bread Co. small group. Thank you for honest conversation, laughter, and support. You girls are beautiful and have so much to offer the world. I am blessed to be in your life. Oh yes, thank you for giving our sweet Peyton her baby shower. I pray that she will have a mentor like one of you when she is a teenager.

Thank you GYFM Mexico team. Many of you know that Steven and I were part of a team of Youth leaders from across the US to travel to Mexico last October to support students whose parents are missionaries with MTW. While Steven and I went on this trip to care for students, we felt deeply cared for by the team. You all reminded me why I love youth ministry and encouraged me to never doubt my calling. Thank you.

Thank you to Lucy, Leah, Mallory, Grace, Olivia and Marta. You are beautiful young woman who help keep me young at heart and on my toes. Thank you for all the ways you have continued to love me and our family while you are away at school.

Finally, thank you Jesus for providing for our family during this time. I trust you know well and have a greater plan than I do. Thank you for your love and grace. Only you have sustained me and will continue to sustain me.

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