Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Route 66

Part of our vacation was to visit some fun Route 66 sites. My dad is a Route 66 expert and I heard many fun stories about the 'Mother Road' from his childhood. I really enjoyed hearing these stories as it gave me a chance not only to learn more about my dad, but to hear about life growing up back in the late 50's and early 60's. Our first stop was the Munger Moss Motel.
My favorite part about this sign is that is says that there is a Telephone. I'm not sure if they meant a telephone in every room or for the entire motel? I think almost everyone has their own personal telephone these days :) This is such a cool sign!
Next stop, some Route 66 sites in Oklahoma. We stopped briefly in Tulsa to visit a memorial and take pictures. Here is the Oklahoma 66 sign. Ok, I know this is a Route 66 sign that was part of another building and was moved to another location. I also know the sign was restored but that is all. Nevertheless, a cool sign. Now, let us enter the State of Texas. First, we stopped in Amarillo to see a part of Route 66 that has been preserved. These strip has cafe's, antique stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc... a very cool site to see. I wish they preserved more of Route 66. We made a stop just outside of Amarillo to Cadillac Ranch. Some guy half buried these cars in the group and visitors can stop and spray paint them to their hearts desire.

Preston really liked the cars. I wish we had bought a can of spray paint :)
Last stop was in Shamrock, Texas. Here we have the old gas station and cafe that was the inspiration for Ramon's body art studio in the movie 'Cars'. Here are some old gas pumps.
Finally, a great view of the building. I really like that art deco look. I am sure we will have many more Route 66 adventures over the years.
These are just a few from our travels the past week.

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