Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Peyton's Surgery

Peyton had outpatient surgery this morning to remove a cyst behind her ear.  This cyst has been present since birth but started growing and the need to remove it became obvious to us and a specialist.  The doctor believes it is only a dermoid cyst and there is no cause for concern.  We will wait for pathology to confirm these beliefs but are optimistic and hopeful.  Oh yes, the surgery went well and we are home recovering.  Peyton did great.  The nursing staff said she went under anesthetic well and did not cry when she woke up.  She was just hungry.  
 While there are many lessons to learn from this experience, I will simply highlight a few.  First, I am thankful for the many family and friends who kept us in their thoughts and prayers this morning.  We are so thankful for everyone's support and care.  Second, I am so thankful for the doctor's, nurses and hospital staff who took good care of our little girl.  Our Pediatric Anesthesiologist even shared the same Birthday as Peyton - super cool.  Finally, this is one step in many of trusting your child to the Lord or to the care of others.  I am thankful for a positive outcome.

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