Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm back and Peyton is 9 months old

I am going to spend the next couple days updating our blog from the past few weeks in the Dalbey family.  I needed a short break to get through a couple busy weeks in our family.  I thought, however, that it would be appropriate to begin our updates with our little Peyton as she is 9 months old today!  Here are a couple pictures of our happy little girl.

Some things that Peyton has accomplished this month are: Crawling, eating more different types of foods, taking a few steps on her own and pushing out her first tooth.  Yes, her first tooth is breaking through the gum today...hence all the drool the past few weeks.  She also loves to say 'da da', 'doggie', 'ma', and 'hi'.  She also loves her big brother and watching him constantly to learn new things and play his toys. Sometimes Preston is ok with this....sometimes he is not.  Overall, she is a happy little girl with the biggest smile. We love her so much!  

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