Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preston and Christmas

I want to take a few minutes and write a special post dedicated to Preston and his experience of Christmas this year.  (I am going to do the same for Peyton).  Preston is 3 years old and LOVES Christmas.  He loves looking at the Christmas lights, decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, opening gifts and spending time with family.  Here is just a sample of pictures I took this weekend of our little boy. First, we have Preston in the car heading to Grammie and Poppa's house.  He was SO excited to see Poppa and his Christmas lights.  
Next we have a picture of Preston helping Grammie make Christmas cookies.  He kept saying "I'll do it" when it came to rolling out the dough.  To be honest, he did a darn good job for a 3 year old.  He loves to help and always wants to be a part of things.  
We now have Preston checking out the Christmas tree...I think he wants to dive into the pile of gifts and open each and every one.  Thankfully, Peyton is not interested (not yet) and was very willing to let her big brother 'help'.  
I also wanted to add this picture of Preston reading with Grossi (Great Grandma) while we were at the Dalbey house.  I think this is so sweet.  
After a wonderful day and a half at the Dalbey house, we headed home so that we could wake up on Christmas Day in our own home and have Preston open his special gift from mom and dad.  Here is a picture of his special gift - a bike.
Daddy was very good and assembly and Preston was able to ride the bike in no time.  
Preston was very good to wait while daddy assembled his bike.  Thankfully, he loves the egg chair.  
Here is a picture of the little man riding his bike - not bad at all.  When did my little boy get so big?  
Preston also had a great time at Grandma and Grandad's house.  Not only does Grandad have the best ornament collection I have ever seen, but he does a great job of encouraging Preston's love for trains.  Here is Preston playing with his new Tidmouth Sheds that goes along with his Thomas the Train set collection.  
Here is Preston helping Grandad assemble the electric train.  While this train is a little more advanced for a 3 year old, Preston still had a blast watching the train go round and round.  
Oh yes, we did spend some extra time reading the Christmas story to Preston this year.  When I asked him what types of gifts the wise men gave to baby Jesus, he said food and trains.  I guess we can see what is really important in the life of a 3 year old - very sweet.  

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