Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peyton 10 months

Our little girl is 10 months old today.  Were does time go?  We are so in love with our little girl and the great amount of joy she brings to our family.  As you can see in the picture she is happy and healthy.  We are so thankful.  Here are some of her recent accomplishments.  
First, she is walking.  Yes, I am serious.  She is walking and I will post a video to demonstrate.  I imagine she will be running by 11 months old.  Believe me when I say that my life has completely change - again.  
Second, she loves all sorts of foods.  This is a great blessing.  Her favorite foods at the moment are avocado, peaches and beans.  
Third, she started climbing up the stairs.  This scares me.  Even though we have gates and do not let her on the stairs by herself, I know that this 'climbing' skill might show itself in other areas of our house.  To be determined... 
Finally, she loves her big brother.  She loves to play trains with him, watch him and be with him.  I love seeing their relationship develop.  Sure, sometimes Preston does not want his sister playing with 'his' trains but overall, he is happy to have someone to play with while we are at home.  

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