Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update - Part 1

 Here is another round of 'Weekend Update' posts with the Dalbey Times.  Lets start with last Thursday when we had our first snow of winter.  We didn't have much snow but it caused a mess during rush-hour.  I am not sure why, but people in STL cannot drive in snow.  I have never considered myself one of 'those' bad drivers, and thankfully my drive to work only lasted 20 minutes vs. the 2 hour drive my dad had to endure, but nevertheless the roads in St. Louis were horrible that morning and it was the talk of the town.  Here is a sweet picture of our house with the snow and my time with Preston outside.  Preston loves making tracks in the snow and a snow angel on the ground.  
If you look closely you can see Bailey looking out the window of the front door.  
I am not sure if you can tell, but this is a snow angel compliments of Preston.  
I sure hope we get more snow this season.  Preston needs to break in that new coat :)   

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