Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Many of you know that I like being organized.  I think it is part of my personality, my means of stress relief and natural giftedness.  When I hear about a task, or even look around the room, I think about how to organize and make things work better.  Lately, I have been using this skill to organize some things around our house.  Since Steven's job transition and our busy schedule the past couple months, many papers and household places have become very disorganized.  This bugs, no, irritates me.  I have spent the past week cleaning our cars, our basement, my home office, our bathroom closet and most importantly: our important papers and documents.  Here is an example of my work: 
Each file is color coordinated to organize bank statements, giving, insurance, etc...  Ahh, this makes me feel good to have this organized.  Here is my next piece of work: 
I also hope to post pictures of our basement and home office.  The home office doesn't need too much work, but the basement is a huge task.  When spring arrives, I plan on selling most of the unneeded items at a garage sale.  Anyway, that is all for now :) 

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