Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a day

So, today is Valentines Day...it hasn't really felt like Valentines day.  Why?  Because Steven is sick with a yucky flu bug, Preston has been 'on edge' all day and Peyton has been extra needing my attention.  I think the 'highlight' of my day was when Peyton starting crying b/c she was tired, Preston was crying because he wanted more water in his bath and Steven was lying in bed feeling horrible.  Thankfully, things ended on a better note.  Peyton went to bed with almost no fuss, Preston calmed down and Steven is feeling slightly better.  To be honest, I had a moment this evening where I just went into the other room and cried.  I didn't cry b/c I wanted to be on a Valentine's date or wished that my son would be happy with the amount of water in the tub, I cried b/c I am just plain tired and worn out.  This has been a hard season for the Dalbey family.  Steven is in 'transition' with his job, my house is almost never clean, our budget is less than friendly and it doesn't feel like we have time for much of anything but surviving each day and praying for strength to make it through the next.  I am sure lessons will be learned and I will survive, but the moment is hard and I long for relief.  I long for the day when Steven's job is steady, my house is clean (at least for a day), our budget is more friendly so that we can be generous, and I can report that there were no tears around the Dalbey house that day.  Well, maybe this day will come and maybe we will just have to long for glory.  Thank goodness for Christ.  I am learning to trust God to provide.  I am learning to lean on others for support when I need help.  I am learning to appreciate every little thing I have.  I'm sure I'll have more hard days ahead but I pray that I will have the patience to endure, the courage to hope and the strength to keep going.

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