Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

Before I share about our wonderful weekend celebrating Peyton's Birthday, I would like to share some pictures of our family.  About a week ago a dear friend, Emma, came over and took some family photos. Emma is a high school students and we have been buddies since she was in Middle School.  She is is a budding photographer and takes pictures for school and for fun.  Her website is linked to my page below.   Here are a few of my favorite pictures to share with our readers :) 
First, Mommy and Peyton.  
 Second, a rare photograph of the family.  
 This picture makes me smile because Peyton's eyes are so blue :)  
 Finally, I think this pictures sums up our family.  Preston doesn't really want to take pictures.  Peyton is watching her brother.  I am smiling at the camera and Steven is being silly with Preston.  This is the Dalbey family.  

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