Thursday, March 29, 2012


Spring Break Dalbey Style continues to be a blast.  We had more fun yesterday doing what we do best - playing outside.  In the morning Preston and I played outside in the backyard while Peyton took her morning nap.  We built a serious sandcastle, pulled some weeds, and then helped buddy practice his bike riding skills.  He is doing really well but I have no pictures to document.   Random comment: does anyone else find pulling weeds therapeutic?  I like to think about pulling out things in my life that are of no value or that cause pain and frustration.  Maybe I am the only one...whatever.  
Oh yes, highlight of the morning was finding Mr. Froggy. He had been missing for a couple weeks and we just couldn't figure out where he went.  We finally found him in a drawer to the outside kids table.  Preston is SO happy.  
 Here is froggy being tucked into bed this morning.  We decided to leave him at home so that we don't loose him again - good idea.  
Our afternoon was spent outside again at the park with my dear friend, Carolyn.  Here she is with Miss Peyton.  So cute. 
Unfortunately, I have to work today and tomorrow.  I am, however, hoping for some fun family time on Saturday and I am sure Steven will have some fun with the kids on Friday.  

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