Friday, May 18, 2012


Many of you know that I love to do home projects.  This may include re organizing a closet, paining a room, cleaning out drawers, etc...  This week it was time for another paining project.  The verdict : the reading room.  Ok, so this isn't really a 'room'.  It is the closet up in the kids room that I have turned into the reading room.  I love this space. I love the soft carpet on the floor and the stars on the ceiling that light up when we turn off the light.  Here is a look the room pre project.  It is clean, but in need of a fresh coat of paint. 
Here we are at the start of the project. I had to patch up a few spots on the wall and sand things down.  I decided to pain the side walls a yellow cream and the end wall/ceiling a light sky blue.  
 Here is another pictures of the work. 
 After the walls were painting it was time for the floor and trim.  Since the wood flooring had allready been painted it was easy to cover with a nice fresh coat.  (Sorry about the lighting) 
 Here is the floor just as I was starting to paint. 
 Here is the room while the paint is drying. I let it dry all night and was able to move the carpet and books back in the room this morning. 
I post a picture this weekend. 
Here is my next project.  This is the space/landing area in the reading room that leads up to the attic.  I am thinking about clearning out all this stuff (mostly baby stuff) and turning it into a cool hang out space for Preston :) 
So, does this count as a before and after project :)

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